Follow, a free, privacy conscious and self-hosted (or pay-what-you-want) comment system, great alternative to Disqus.


@jplock @russell Is it and can it be selfhosted, though?

@eldelacajita @jplock @switchingsocial

I have open sourced many parts of Remarkbox but the whole codebase isn't open source

Remarkbox isn't self hosted at this point.

@eldelacajita @switchingsocial

Note: comment O dot io, NOT comment dot io. The latter will try to install a Windows executable on your device.

@eldelacajita @switchingsocial I‘m not happy about Akismet Integration. Can it be disabled?

If users are signed up with can they comment on any blog using the system?

If so, what is the take up like for


@eldelacajita I have been looking into JustComments. No ads or tracking. ReCaptcha available but not required. Keyword blacklist. Subscribe by email option. Pricing is based on usage.

@rockthrower Nice! Looks interesting, thanks.

@rockthrower Do you know what "serverless" means in this case? It does seem to have a backend running in some server...

@eldelacajita Not exactly sure, I know it uses AWS. The developer is really responsive, though, if you want to ask. He got back right away with answers to my questions. I am not a technical person so was looking for assurance that my visitors wouldn't be tracked.

"self hosted" is the key word here! I'd heard of it but thought it was only pay-to-use. (Silly me).

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