Inkrash: small animation using .

for drawing all the 31 frames.
for adding the background and rendering to a video.

This isn't a story about a development feat or some cool stuff a skilled coder might be doing in their cave.

It's a story about how small improvements made in collaboration can make better, and how we all could become if given a chance.

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This is why I love : you can go beyond being a user, and actually try (at least try!) to improve it.

First, I saw a possible improvement, reported it, and discovered that someone had already started working on it (

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Using platforms we can control is becoming more and more important. But how can we reach an audience if these platforms are so out of the mainstream?

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Mastodon, I need your help:

I'm looking for non-software-related companies/organizations that use (or try to use) for their work, communications, organization, etc.

Do you know of any? Please boost!