"That reddit-killing distributed self-hosted tool you’re building probably won’t kill reddit, sorry. [...] Make something personal for a dozen people, because that’s the one thing those massive vendors will never do and never even understand that they could do."

- Graham: "My proposal for scaling open source: don’t"


@Framasoft @inventaire The project is great... and the "technical stack" page is absolutely fantastic. Best acknowledgement I've seen so far.

Instead of using Calendly to schedule your events and meetings you can switch to the #opensource alternative called #Calendso. It requires #nodejs and #PostgreSQL to get started. Another #selfhost app to try!

Check out the
#foss project at https://github.com/calendso/calendso

#BlenderBIM has won an Epic MegaGrant funding increased development on fundamental aspects that will change the industry and offer new options for architects, engineers, cost planners, programme schedulers, sustainability analysts, and more...

Pues ya tengo un par de módulos del proyecto a mi cargo para traducir:


Muy novato aún, pero muy contento de ir encontrando huecos en los que contribuir al aun sin ser desarrollador.

Free (as in freedom), privacy-friendly, lightweight alternatives to Disqus:
- Isso - posativ.org/isso/

- Schnack - schnack.cool/

- Commentics - commentics.com/

- Spirit - spirit-project.com/

- HashOver - github.com/jacobwb/hashover-ne

- Epoch (WordPress) - gopostmatic.com/epoch/

- Lyked (uses Google reCAPTCHA) - lyket.dev/

#Privacy #Disqus #Internet #FreeSoftware

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@KekunPlazas Wow. In some areas of Spain we have a similar thing called "mona", also an Easter tradition, and thanks to your toot I just discovered its origins.

Glovo, Deliveroo y Uber tendrán que hacer públicos sus algoritmos

tendrán que explicar las fórmulas matemáticas que organizan la actividad de sus empleados


@richdecibels Improving the signal-to-noise ratio of organization chats (and communications in general) is on my ongoing reflections list.

@skotperez Very interesting idea, indeed! I'm definitely adopting it for other projects.

I really like the concept of First Timers Only to low barriers to participate in open source communities firsttimersonly.com/ These first time tasks can also be applied to other contexts cc @eldelacajita

RT @inkscape@twitter.com

Calling all Inkscape artists!

You're invited to enter our traditional About Screen Contest for the upcoming Inkscape version 1.1!

Find all information about how to join the drawing contest at

We're looking forward to seeing your art!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/inkscape/status/13

Ventoy is awesome. You install it to an external drive, then drop bootable ISOs onto it. Boot to it and you get a menu for which ISO to choose. It’s going to become a standard part of my ISO testing process, because I can leave old versions and compare. ventoy.net

Y eso es justamente : te propongo acompañarte en tu descubrimiento del , aclarando conceptos, compartiendo sugerencias o aportando lo que pueda de forma cercana y personalizada.

¿Te interesa? Lee lo siguiente, y escríbeme.


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Tras más de diez años como usuario de , y muchas otras herramientas , me he dado cuenta de que quizás pueda ayudar a otros a navegar por ese mar de posibilidades.

A veces, viajar con alguien es mejor que darle un mapa y cien mil indicaciones.

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