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Do you prefer using a product or a tool?

Straightforward UX, or extensive feature-set?

Clear value proposition, or infinitely customisable?

Slick or austere?

Strictly implementing one vision and set of goals, or adding all kinds of features that different people request or contribute?

Extensive user documented, or code and settings panels (or config files) as documentation?

Historically, the former tends to be proprietary apps, while the latter then to be free software projects that clone the intitial vison/functionality, and then evolve mostly by adding features. The complexity goes up and the UX goes down.

These days we have free software products (eg. Mastodon and Pixelfed) and free software tools (eg. Pleroma).

The question is how do you preserve the user-freedom advantages of tools while gaining the user traction and usability of products?

I suggest one approach could be having a generic backend tool, with standard protocol-based federation and an open API that enables frontend app designers/developers to create slick products that implement all kind of different visions and use cases.

I hope Pleroma and can help make something like this happen.


Assessing the Openness and Conviviality of Open Source Technology: The Case of the WikiHouse, new paper by Christina Priavolou and Vasilis Niaros


Say hello to the new Fairphone 3: the phone that cares for people and planet.
#DareToCare and be one of the first to pre-order:

Change is in your hands. #WeAreFairphone, a free, privacy conscious and self-hosted (or pay-what-you-want) comment system, great alternative to Disqus.


It's our birthday today! We are now the wise age of 22. 😋 Join us in reminiscing these past years by sharing some of your favorite GNOME memories!

Hidden ... that want to stay hidden: on how increased attention, visits and can affect both on-site and online , and the value of .

Hola Fediverso!! Nos presentamos: Somos un nuevo proyecto artístico y político con la intención de dar herramientas y espacio a cualquier persona que quiera alejar su arte de Google, Facebook y en general del mundo privativo y centralizado. En la web podréis saber qué ofrecemos con sus respectivos links. Esto solo ha hecho que empezar, y aún estamos en nuestra versión 0.1 pero hay energia para rato. Juntes creamos un nuevo mundo descentralizado!! #DescentralizaTuArte

Using platforms we can control is becoming more and more important. But how can we reach an audience if these platforms are so out of the mainstream?

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Is this the beinning of the end of websites as the main containers of information and knowledge? Can we just move to other platforms/media (emails, podcasts, videos... you name it), or will we be under the same trap?

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In exchange for , and under the pressure of their addicting , we have weakened our mutual links and given then all the power to decide what's accessible and what isn't.

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I have experienced this, and I'm seeing this everywhere: the independent and interlinked from before is now massively controlled by privative access hubs like , and others.

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"We’ve adapted [... but] still, we can’t depend 100% on the web anymore. It’s clearly being enclosed by Facebook and Google, so Shareable is using other mediums to further our mission including our e-newsletter, hosting more events, and starting a new podcast [...]"

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"It’s become a lot harder for Shareable to reach the public online with our news reporting on sharing solutions. [...] Google and Facebook, who now control over 70% of all web traffic, made changes that have significantly reduced the reach of countless websites"

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Today received an interesting email from @gorenflo explaining how the decreasing reach of independent websites is forcing them to find new ways to reach an audience and fulfill their mission.

This is another testimony of how our is at risk.

Google and Facebook are selling us fake privacy that’s good for them and bad for users. We can’t let ad-funded businesses redefine the concept of privacy.

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