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Whew! Launched this morning, and it has been a ton of work leading up to this point—and we have a ton of work ahead! If you like elementary OS, our design, and our ethos (or are curious to learn more), please consider supporting us.

I finally got the time to finish the most basic things I wanted in Read It Later, my @wallabag client and released it today!
You can read a bit about it here

@Gargron I meant "then I clicked the bullhorn icon again and the announcement disappeared". Bad mobile writing (and proofreading) skills...

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@Gargron I just saw the last announcement. What I didn't guess easily is that I had to click on the bullhorn icon to close it. I clicked the settings icon, then it added a settings panel on top of the announcement, and then I clicked the bullhorn icon again the announcement disappearde... and then realized that they are not tabs but toggles. A bit confusing?

Otherwise, I love the feature.

Loving Authenticator by @bilelmoussaoui

Gotta love this kind of focused and well designed apps that make great.

Doing things that scale

Una forma interesante (y complementaria al espíritu hacker en su vertiente más individual) de ver o enfocar el y otras cosas en la vida. ¿Cómo lo veis, @ccamara @danicotillas @skotperez?

Rad project., the co-owned alternative to Airbnb, raised €600K from coop members so they're hiring: backend + mobile devs, design, product manager, social media manager. Based in Bologna.

The day has arrived! ProtonCalendar is now in open beta. Stay organized and stop corporations from spying on your schedule. Paid users can begin testing it today. Full details here:

Also, if you're wondering how far is a first alpha release of Akira, you can track our progress and missing features from here:

📗 I have in my hand the first English Pepper&Carrot book done with 100% FLOSS! But I'll need to redo it and explore workarounds: colors are wrong 😩 ... article:

Artistas que no sólo usan herramientas libres sino que las producen y distribuyen para que otros puedan usarlas.

Siempre admirado de la generosidad de @davidrevoy en su dedicación al además de al .

Hi Fediverse 👋

let me sum up the situation around #switchingsocial

Around September 20th, the original (anonymous) author of shut down its website and all related Social Media accounts, including mastodon 🤔

This info reached me (@tobias ) the next day via my German version @swisode .

As there hasn't been any sign of life since then, I restored the website and created this new account. Right now I'm out of spare time to work on it, but that'll change in a few weeks 🙂

Do you want to help Akira happen?
No matter if you're a developer, a designer, or just someone that really wants this tool on Linux, you can help the project by keeping the conversation going.
Head over to GitHub and tell us what you want!

En un mundo en tecnificación precipitada, el está pasando de ser una curiosidad a ser una reivindicación imprescindible para poder seguir luchando por los . Y sí, también te atañe a ti.

Just re-upping this offer: because being comfortable with git is a barrier to entry to many FS/OSS projects, and because I care deeply about lowering those barriers, I will tutor anyone who asks for help with git, and/or connect them with any mentor(s) they might prefer.

I'll do this while I put energy and work into making the tool more approachable, and into making better tools and learning paths.

Boosts gratefully appreciated.

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