pebble moon
despite your tweeting
every memory of home

I'm trying out; it's pretty great for macOS and Mastodon.

I just realized that I can be logged into different Mastodon instances simultaneously because each is a different URL!

I feel like I'm forgetting something and it's making me intensely anxious.

The first person to build a multi-account Mastodon client will be sainted

Rule of Mastodition #17: 

Mastodon meta 

My review of @Gargron's Mastodon is up on PCMag! It felt weird to assign a number and metrics to a work in progress, but I think the review itself highlights all the best aspects of ol' Masto.

Interestingly, it gets the same score as Twitter did when it launched a decade ago. :thinking:

In that episode where Paris sloughs off his skin and becomes a newt, he tells Janeway "part of you will be happy when I'm gone."

Part of her, all of me, Paris.

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