@neauoire i'd like to move this over to merveilles - could you shoot me an invite, maybe?

"intellectual sabotage on the infrastructure of reason"

aah, nothing like a legal compliance call to start the workweek.

i need a drink.

on that note: wrote some (german) words on a particular Heathered Pearls remix, it’s relation to the here and now as well as the Ghostly universe in general.


i do a lot of different things as part of of my work, but i have yet to come across a more harsh and euphoric task than editing your own writing. it's as painful as it is wonderful.

headed out to the second game of my first full season of ball in 16 years, and i'm really looking forward to spend a full sunday in a gym, and with a team. never thought i would ever get back to this.

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When you are debugging for more than 8 hours, that is technically doing philosophy.

i had to learn that self-care matters, that deceleration matters. still no better feeling than hanging tough under pressure. hard drug.

psychological transit notes, across japan — electricgecko.de/2018/psycholo

(i rarely post in english on my journal, but these are)

Now live – a special content offer by Artek for Japan:


Directed and built by W.A.F. with Jens Franke, @martinwolf and team.

not sure Amnesia Scanner is for me yet. might grow on me, but on initial passes, it seems to lack restraint and seriousness in similar ways to the current state of street wear/fashion.

alright then. let's sort out the usual metadiscussions and push things forward. also - let's talk better business models than advertising.


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