elementary OS 5 Juno is here. It’s more refined, more productive, and an even better platform for developers. We've majorly updated apps, made the desktop more productive with several new features, refined the overall look and feel, and a whole lot more.

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You all overwhelmed us within seconds. 😅 We're aware of intermittent website issues and are on the case! In the meantime, read this massive overview of this massive update.

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@elementary I am downloading via torrent so I can help seed afterwards. :)

@elementary i was about to download this then i realized that, while it's a useful set of defaults, i already have gnome 3 with a rly similar layout, set of plugins, and functionality already >w<

i guess great minds

@fenny @elementary And, you have indicators working! (Juno doesn't. Which sucks big time).

However, Elementary is more than just a "top panel, bottom dock layout". It's much more.

@elementary Is there a reason you choose to name the web browser by it's internal name "Epiphany" when the browser it's based on normally uses the display name "Web", which more closely matches your application naming convention?

@elementary Congratulations on the new release! Love how you’re working to create a sustainable free and open source platform for indie developers :)


@aral @elementary I'll report how much of a difference their work has made to me!

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