As platforms and browsers implement dark style preferences, I’m over here trying to help the FreeDesktop align on a sane spec. Browser engines, you’re not helping! Check out these pretty normal situations on the web, and how major web engines render them:


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Dark styles are hard to get right. We get see the benefits and are planning to implement it properly in elementary OS, but it takes this kind of cross-desktop work first. One of the big blockers right now is WebKitGTK (the web rendering engine we use on elementary OS).

@elementary I honestly thought the lack of a dark theme was a consciously opinionated aesthetic choice and I was fine with it, but I'm excited to see the dark theme up to elementary's great aesthetic standards!

@elementary How's webKit the problem? From the pictures there, it looks to be the only browser actually trying to make the site darker...

But perhaps that's the point, the darkmode shouldn't touch the HTML?

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