Built anything cool using elementary OS lately?

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@elementary Yup, use it for my job since I work remote. Really enjoying the workspace feature & the picture in picture mode. Makes my work go by so quickly.

Also sending this message using Tootle (Mastodon App) and getting notifications from Crypt (Crypto Market Watcher).

Hoping to get back to working on some Elementary apps soon :)

@elementary I've created a tag-based search control for my app!

Where you select an autocompletion and it rendered (what looks to be) inside the text entry as a rounded box you can click to edit or delete. Like in Mac OS Mavericks.

This'll really help me continue keep my app's UI simple!

Also I've got a couple other interesting software projects...

@alcinnz @elementary It appears that the AutomaticScrollBox.vala file is missing from the repo.

@alcinnz @elementary Okay, the demo builds and runs without issue now. I was wondering how does one get the list of entered buttons from the class?

@phase1geo @elementary Oh yeah! I've yet to implement that!

And for Odysseus I'll need to be able to set them as well, because it's a single addressbar across all tabs...

I'll add it by tomorrow!

@phase1geo @elementary Thanks!

I was hoping that when you clicked one of those tags, it'll populate the text entry edit it, but for some reason that seems to refuse to work... Oh well, I don't think that'll make much of a difference.

@alcinnz @elementary It would be nice if the widget would allow you to create new tags by simply typing in text and hitting the return key (without the tag having to pre-exist in the loaded tag list).

@phase1geo @elementary Yes, I'll need that too! I think I'll have time tomorrow.

My needs probably a bit more complex than yours', but I've already written most of the code in Odysseus. I'll just copy that over.

@phase1geo Now you should be able to insert whatever autocompletion code you want! Sorry that I went silent for a bit...

I've still got a little bit I want to add for my own purposes, but it's working nicely again! So tell me what you think!

@elementary @alcinnz I would be potentially interested in the UI element in Minder

@elementary Working on a new outlining native app for elementary OS.

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