Have you installed updates lately? If so, check out System Settings → Desktop for some fresh new wallpapers! We’ll share more in an upcoming blog post, but for now: which of these is your favorite?

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@elementary I dig all three of these. I honestly don’t know if I could choose a favorite!

@elementary they all look great, but I guess I like the first one most.

@elementary The last one is great, maybe colors should have been a bit warmer though. What licence are these images distributed with?

@elementary By the way, Unsplash has cool API and many photos to be used as wallpapers. You probably can be the first ones to implement the native wallpaper search, this would be an awesome UX and I think Unsplash may support your idea. Makes a great collaboration. Well, if you want all of this of course.

The top right one looks amazing, thanks for showing me unsplash

@elementary People who switch wallpapers (manually) a too much time in their live.

@elementary With fondo I have already more wallpapers than desktops :-)

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