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@elementary@twitter.com gives me so much joy. Now I can easily see the git status of the files on a git repository. Features like this one is what makes elementary so nice to work with. Thanks a lot @CassidyJames@twitter.com for the suggestion and to those who worked on the PR. 😀

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A file manager should be good at managing files, and increasingly people who care about files on elementary OS also care about version control. So it’s a good match!

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@elementary but does it grays/fades out ignored files? :blobcat:

(sort of what VSCode does:)

@sasha_sorokin I dunno if I'd like that behavior for a file manager. Sometimes a thing you ignore in Git is one you'd like to see prominently in your graphical file display, like a folder of screen shots, an architecture brief, mockups and notes from a designer, etc.

@ryanprior not really, and I said, it's just grays out them to mark as “not important”, you still can see them and go there. Stuff you usally hide with .gitignore is everything unrelated to project: building cache, local credentials and configurations, databases, infinite file jungles of node modules, stuff like that; so I'm not sure how your screenshots, mockups and designer notes ending in project working folder.

@sasha_sorokin I guess I'd have to poll other devs to find out if I'm in the tiny minority here, but in terms of my habits, I'd say each of my git root folders has 2-5 ignored files and folders related to planning, debugging, etc. I don't necessarily add them to `.gitignore` if there's no reason for other devs to have those files, so they might go in my `.git/info/exclude`. Either way, those aren't files I'd want to de-emphasize.

@ryanprior that's understandable and would be interesting to know.

I think it's about mindset, yeah, mine is like projects should be kind of “isolated”, and that last thing you want is to mix “yours” with that project: screenshots an temporary stuff goes somewhere in Home folder, then you copy it in project if/when needed, so so… :)

@elementary I wish if search was better. Sometimes it is really hard to deal with elementary search. It should be better and has dedicated page/window for that.

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