We've completely left Google Analytics behind in favor of @plausible.

Google’s incentive is to collect as much information as possible from people visiting as many sites as possible—and using Google Analytics directly helps them do that.

Also, did you know when you embed a tweet, it lets Twitter track your readers across your site, contributing to a similar data collection network? That’s why our “embedded” tweets are all local HTML without hitting Twitter’s servers. As a bonus, it respects dark style.

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@cuniculus ah cool! Thanks for sharing. We’ll look into it and see if this makes sense for us.

So why not doing so also on ?
Still too many third party java scripts anyway!

@wolf @plausible that’s… literally what we just announced. Our main site was the only one that used Google Analytics, and we have now completely removed it. Removing other third-party resources is a goal, and will likely be accomplished with a site rework for the elementary OS 6 release.

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