Ever thought of making an app for elementary OS? You can with AppCenter—the open source, pay-what-you-want app store for indie developers. Get your native app in front of hundreds of thousands of users—with the option to accept payments for your work.

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@elementary I Really want to create an AppCenter app, however, my coding skills are lacking. I understand many basic coding concepts, but I don't know how to organize them to create something useful that also works well enough to be considered stable. Any recommendations for books on how to structure the code for an object oriented software project?

@elementary I'd love it if there was a short series of videos (5-6) to get started with developing for elementary. 🙂

@elementary Ooooh, it looks like the docs have been updated plenty lately. Good to see, will go through them again.

@celia be sure to let us know if you're missing anything!

@elementary I'll be checking out elementary once v6 is out. For now, I'll just be skimming through the docs. Will be sure to let you know in the future, though, if need be!

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