Dark style support is shaping up rather nicely for elementary OS 6! Read the latest on our blog from Daniel Foré to hear where we are with the dark style, plus why it is a bigger challenge than one might expect on the surface.

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@elementary I can't explain why but it seems to me that cog button (that opens the application preferences) doesn't feel right in dark themes

@elementary fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work elementary dev team (and any other contributors). I look forward to developing my app idea on Elementary OS, for Elementary OS, with dark mode support :)

@elementary Very nice job ! And I love these "more rounded" corners 🤩 Do you have something to be able to change/simplify the date and time formats on the top bar ?

@elementary wouldn't it be great if the theme automatically adjusted to the time of day? So light during the day and dark at night?

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