Hey quick question! Why did you switch to elementary OS?

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@elementary Great UI and good default settings. Low entry level for the average user

@elementary grat UI and takes privacy seriously. And you can watch Netflix 😂

@elementary I got my own laptop and hadn't settled on which OS I wanted for it. I just wanted something libre, not Windows or Mac.

Heard of elementary through family, and absolutely loved it ever since!

@elementary I ended up switching away, but one of the things I miss (from both OSX and Elementary) is column view in the file browser.

@elementary based on Ubuntu (huge community) and great UI

@elementary looks great, based on Debian, feels like it has a future.

@elementary Because the UI is beautiful, it is fast and powerful on any computer and it is simple to use and therefore suitable for everyone, even those who have never used Linux

@elementary let me rather say why I didn't, cause I had to manually install new updates at that time. Now it's too hard for me to switch.

@elementary I actually left elementary os because as of right now I can't afford to dish out 5 dollars. This demand is money stops people like me from using the project.

@bluzeo @elementary Development costs money. Software development is hard work, and it deserves every bit of monetary compensation it can get.

@Phaserune @elementary if I decide to donate that would be after I either wipe it off or use more then a few months. I will not dish out for a Starbucks type price for a Linux distro. Now if I use and still have it install I would be happy to throw money to the project. But not at first bat

I haven't dished out a single dollar yet (hope to do so soon). Where did you experience meeting a payment wall?

@internetman @elementary at download page. I had an older iso laying around but I couldn't get it to work. Yes agree on donating when you can but not blantantly in demand money at download page. They have a patreon. If wanted to use that tatic why not hide the iso ok (patroen (
paywall) and not let us have access to unless we are sub to them

They dont demand money, they just suggest it :-) I might also disagree in the practical manner which it is being done, but it's still free as in free beer and free speech :0090:

@elementary Honestly it was the polish in UI that won me over. I also really appreciated that you all did you DE, and the system ran fast as a result. I went back to Ubuntu, but for some software compliance issues, nothing really wrong because of Elementary. Keep up the great work! I'll be back for sure!

@elementary it's buttery smooth, looks great by default, has awesome custom apps by the community that follow coherent design patterns, and it feels like an environment designed for people rather than, say, servers or IoT.

@elementary Great out-of-the-box visual appearance, _incredibly_ focussed on fixing usability and design details, and determination to not make yet another "build-your-own"-desktop but rather focus on making an environment where there's a well thought-out way of doing things. It's the polish, the last mile missing in virtually every other Linux desktop.

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