Thank you to everyone who has been downloading elementary OS 6, sharing their experiences, tweeting about it, writing about it, and even filing issues! You early adopters have a unique opportunity to get your feedback heard while the release is fresh. 💙

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Some of that feedback has made it into an FAQ that is now listed in the release announcement, on the homepage, and in the Installation guide. We’re also preparing a number of small releases that fix some of the early issues that have been reported.

@elementary That's great and congrats again to the release and the great improvements you achieved. I really like to use it. But I have to admit there really are many bugs, some somewhat severe.
Did you ever think about featuring some app for a given time and collect and fix bugs for this app then? I think that would allow to concentrate on certain subjects and get a stronger feeling of progress…

@elementary I'll be joining in as soon as my new SSD comes in the mail!!!

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