We’ve published a new ISO of elementary OS 6 that includes boot fixes for certain EFI machines, including Dell models. If you had trouble booting into the installer before, give this one a try! Previous email receipts will get the new download as well.

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@elementary thanks for the fix, the workaround had worked for me but stopped me installing with a partitioned drive.

@elementary I've been having problems with Plymouth, in that it doesn't boot into it properly
I've been able to boot into my system still but is a patch on the way for that?

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1/2: @elementary I have an Optiplex 980 but It works just fine with the OG .iso. I think that the problem affects the newer versions.

And according to the github account. There is a problem with ventoy. Has that been fixed..

Although I am reply to week old things I think that you should really consider fixing it.

- From @alvnlinux 🖤

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