Both and are giving talks at LAS this year! Don’t miss it :)


The Linux App Summit conference schedule is live at

Catch three days of talks and unconference on everything about applications on Linux!


elementary OS protip: Hot Corners let you use certain features by just throwing your mouse cursor into the corner of the display. Head to System Settings → Desktop → Hot Corners to set them up just how you’d like!

Akira, the UI design app for elementary OS, is shaping up. We love to see the team focusing on the little interaction details like this!


Look at these sweet input interactions.
PR currently under review:


elementary OS protip: tap the ⌘ (Windows, Command, or “Super”) key to see a cheat sheet of system keyboard shortcuts—like window and workspace controls, screenshots, and features like Picture in Picture . Want to change any? Hit the ⚙️ button to jump into keyboard settings.

We’ve wrapped up at . An excellent week with excellent people. Look out for a blog post soon!

We had a very productive conversation and are building a path forward to support vendor styles in GNOME, thinking specifically about how to navigate both OEMs' and app authors' concerns and wishes. We're very happy to share our experience in this area from elementary!


Guadec Bof day 2: GNOME downstreams getting together to discuss vendor themes


At the combined GTK and FreeDesktop Dark Style BoF, discussing GTK4, GLib, Dark Style, GtkSourceView, and much more.

We’re in Greece for . A beautiful—if a bit warm—day to get nerdy with GNOMIES.

More GNOMIES! Met up with Heather from Purism. Our group is growing!

Another friend! We found on the last leg to Thessaloniki for . 😁

On the way to , ran into some friends from! Say hi to and!

Now *that’s* a fan! Those tees all look great, Raí.

Want to be as cool as Raí? Snag your own tees from

When an app wants access to your location on elementary OS, it has to ask. We show a prompt telling which app and how precise it’s asking—and you can always revoke access later in Security & Privacy settings. Because your data belongs to you, and only you.

Get work done. Or play.

Stay productive and focused with Multitasking View, Picture-in-Picture, Do Not Disturb, and more. Or keep work out of sight when watching videos or playing games. elementary OS is built to cater to your workflow.

elementary OS comes with a carefully considered set of apps that cater to every day needs so you can spend more time using your computer and less time cleaning up bloat. Looking for more? Just open AppCenter to choose from tons of pay-what-you-want apps.

User friendly. And keyboard friendly.

elementary OS is easy to pick up as a new user, but that doesn’t mean it’s dumbed down; keyboard shortcuts keep you productive whether it’s your first day or your thousandth—just tap the ⌘ key to see a cheat sheet.

Prepare for our Twitter to get back to normal. And by normal, we mean more responsive and definitely more GIFs.

RT Ha! I handle a lot of the social media and have been on parental leave. I'm back now!


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