When you get a headache and turn NightLight all the way up

Changing your system accent color every time you switch wallpapers like

When you find out you can easily sideload apps from alt stores like FlatHub.org out of the box on elementary OS

It's National Pizza Day! What's your favorite pizza topping? 🍕

The Palette pullover and Terminal Pullover were our some of our best sellers for January. Which one do you have?

And if you don't have one yet, order one today at store.elementary.io! All UK orders get free shipping now through March 14.

Happy Birthday to our co-founder, @CassidyJames@twitter.com! 🥳

Jólnir and Odin mouse pads are now available in the store! Check them out at store.elementary.io

Free shipping on all UK orders now through March 14th!

It's National Hat Day! Show us your favorite hats! 🎩🧢👒

You can also celebrate National Hat Day by ordering an elementary hat 😉 store.elementary.io/#hats

Our stickers are normally only available for our Patreon subscribers but to celebrate National Sticker Day, anyone can order a pack through Stripe!

This link will be live for just the next 24 hours, so be sure to get your order in soon: buy.stripe.com/7sIcOR9jv7ewfGU

Because they were so popular, we decided to keep a few of the seasonal hoodies and pullovers in stock permanently! The Terminal hoodie, Terminal pullover, and Palette pullover are still available for purchase in the store!


Light mode or dark mode? 🤔

Only one more week to get yourself a seasonal elementary hoodie or pullover! They'll be pulled from the store at the end of December, so don't miss out!


Files in elementary OS 6.1 sports an improved sidebar, improved bookmarking, improved multi-select, new selection items and keyboard shortcuts exposed in the secondary-click menu, an improved “Connect to Server” dialog—basically, it’s all better. :)

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elementary OS 6.1 comes with the latest version of Web, the web browser for elementary OS and GNOME. It packs a newer version of WebKit including a ton of web platform improvements, a refined tab bar, several performance and stability fixes, and an improved Preferences design.

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Rounding out the trifecta of apps, Calendar has also been improved in elementary OS 6.1. We’ve paid special attention to reliability around notifications and timezones. Plus, you can now middle-click the Date & Time indicator to open the full Calendar app!

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There’re also a lot of little improvements to Tasks in elementary OS 6.1. A big one, though, is that your tasks with due dates will now appear alongside events in the Date & Time indicator!

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Mail in elementary OS 6.1 is better than ever. Receive new mail notifications even when Mail is closed, including grouping notifications per-account. Fetch new messages on demand. Toggle filters for unread or starred conversations. And a *ton* more since the OS 6 release.

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If you’re someone who uses custom keyboard shortcuts in elementary OS, check this out! In OS 6.1, we’ve improved how custom keyboard shortcuts are displayed, edited, and deleted from System Settings.

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