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If you ever wanna know how much I love @elementary@twitter.com... I have their logotype on my car... I don’t put ANYTHING on my car unless it’s incredibly special. You guys rock. πŸ¦„πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

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We're 17% of the way to our first goal on @github@twitter.com sponsors! Become a sponsor today and help us contract a full work day each week from @tintou_noel@twitter.com github.com/sponsors/elementary

Hey did you know we're on @github@twitter.com sponsors? Check us out there for an exclusive new reward tier: github.com/sponsors/elementary

Congrats to our friends in the @ubuntu@twitter.com community on their latest release! We’re super excited to build the next elementary OS on such an amazing foundation 😘

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It's here! Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is available for download πŸŽ‰ ubuntu.com/download

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A recent post at @omgubuntu@twitter.com got some flak because a couple Ubuntu flavors didn't have screenshots included.

Yet again this is where I preach the value of marketing, even simple things like having good assets for press. Yes, it matters.

This is the site owner's response:

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Vala is a living language and it’s Open Source! Get Involved and help make it even better :)

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Anonymous delegates, really nice idea!

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Get yours on @Patreon@twitter.com! Patreon.com/elementary

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Sunday funday getting all your @elementary@twitter.com Swag ready

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Working on a cool space project (launching soon! πŸš€) and noticed that @elementary@twitter.com's file manager puts checkered backgrounds on transparent rocket images automatically! Nice touch.

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@elementary@twitter.com gives me so much joy. Now I can easily see the git status of the files on a git repository. Features like this one is what makes elementary so nice to work with. Thanks a lot @CassidyJames@twitter.com for the suggestion and to those who worked on the PR. πŸ˜€

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elementary OS : Having trouble seeing something small, or just want to focus on something during a presentation? Hit ⌘+Plus to zoom in, and ⌘+Minus to zoom back out. See these shortcuts and more by hitting the ⌘ key on its own.

elementary OS : search for app actions in the Applications Menu! For example, quickly open straight to an incognito browser session by searching for β€œincognito”. Create a new Calendar event with β€œevent”. Check for updates in AppCenter with β€œupdates”. And more!

Have you installed updates lately? If so, check out System Settings β†’ Desktop for some fresh new wallpapers! We’ll share more in an upcoming blog post, but for now: which of these is your favorite?

The first of our talks from @LinuxAppSummit@twitter.com 2019 is uploaded to @YouTube@twitter.com! Check out @DanielFore@twitter.com's talk, "Growing Beyond The System Tray" youtu.be/fPFdV-Z69Lo

Daniel is speaking about app ecosystems on a panel right now with folks from KDE, GNOME, Flatpak, Snap.

We are en route to Barcelona, Spain for the ! We can’t wait to meet up with old friends and make new ones. Looking forward to a productive week!

elementary OS users, Sideload is now available as an update via AppCenter. Run your normal updates, then you'll be able to install Flatpak apps straight from Flathub or any other third-party remote!

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