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elementary Code is all-new! Quickly switch styles between light/dark or high contrast. Keep tabs on Git projects with built-in integration. Enjoy new keyboard shortcuts for code commenting, sorting lines, and more. Get it with elementary OS 5 Juno:

It's the little things. ๐Ÿ˜ All new full-color emoji support, now in elementary OS 5 Juno. Get it at

Install elementary OS ๐Ÿ˜Ž
RT How to Speed Up Windows 10 With One Easy Performance Tweak'


Ease into the evening with Night Light, new in elementary OS 5 Juno. Color shift your display to reduce blue light on your own schedule or synchronized with the sun. Adjust on the fly or quickly toggle off when you need to do color-accurate work. Get it at

You can grab yours from our store!
RT Kicking it in my new shirt from .


The first day of talks at was great! We learned about and discussed universal app packaging, including the deep internals of Flatpak, Bubblewrap, OSTree, and more. Tomorrow we give a couple of talks about AppCenter and Technical vs. Social problems.

We've got fresh Vala swag available in the store! Snag your very own "Learn Vala, Do Future" tee or mug today, and help support open source development.

Look closely. That's a private beta of the first ever release of elementary OS in there!
RT I could start my very own computer history museumโ€ฆ


Some more visual niceties landing in Juno.
RT That new inline notebook, though. OS Juno is gonna be hawt.


Hey developers! Do you want to make your app stand out on AppCenter? Check out some of these tips to get that extra something

Have you checked out our store lately? Every purchase helps fund development. Grab some swag and support your favorite Open Source OS!

Looking for a cool new app to try out? Every month we highlight a special pick in our series

elementary OS is made possible by contributors like you! If you've ever thought about getting involved with funding, make today that day :)

Hey developers, looking to pick up some extra cash this weekend? Check out our bountied issues on

Great to get,, and into the room with all kinds of GTK people at GUADEC!
RT The GTK BOF is off to a good start at


Hey developers, we've got a special preview of the next major release of elementary OS just for you. Check it out!

For this month's we interviewed KJ Lawrence, developer of Web Watcher and Archetype

Check out's latest video to hear about some alternatives to Windows and macOS. It's a great time to switch to an Open Source operating system!

The Brazilian Community just released their new website and forum, check it out! A Comunidade Brasileira acaba de lanรงar seu novo website e fรณrum, confira!

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