@Akzel You can also choose to move maximized windows to a new workspace if you’d like in System Settings → Desktop → Multitasking

On the international day against homophobia, biphobia, interphobia, and transphobia, we want to repeat loud and clear:

Open source communities aren’t truly open unless we take a stand against hate 🏳️‍🌈

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Global Accessibility Awareness day (#gaad) is this Thursday! So, how are y'all doing with using your screen readers? :)

@antolius They have to make trade offs between different kinds of expectations. Folks also expect their browser to be secure and work with the latest web standards. In our case, we were able to ship GNOME Web 42 on elementary OS 6 because of Flatpak. It’s not feasible to do in a traditional package. Ubuntu can support the latest Firefox across all the LTS distros they release in this way as well. To them, and to us, that’s worth command line package management being slightly more complicated

@antolius We don’t sneak it, we just do it :) As an example: github.com/elementary/capnet-a

Ubuntu doesn’t sneak either, they have made it very clear that they do this. It’s understandable if you don’t agree with this decision, but it’s not fair to say it’s malicious or sneaking or anything like that. It’s a purely technical decision

@antolius @Suzie97 We don’t do anything at all with Snap. If you install the Firefox package from the Ubuntu repos it will still pull in the snap package.

Ubuntu has solid technical reasons for using Deb packaging to pull in snaps to the distribution, especially when it comes to supporting release upgrades. We do the same thing with Flatpak packages. Using containerized packages enables us to support old releases in a way we couldn’t before. It’s not a dark pattern

Thanks to the magic of @FlatpakApps@twitter.com, folks running elementary OS 6 can enjoy the latest from the @gnome@twitter.com 42 release including Web, Document Viewer, and Archive Manager. Open AppCenter and grab those updates today!

Looking for an affordable Thinkpad running elementary OS? Check out these refurbished computers from Sendero Linux senderolinux.com/shop/

When you get a headache and turn NightLight all the way up

Changing your system accent color every time you switch wallpapers like

When you find out you can easily sideload apps from alt stores like FlatHub.org out of the box on elementary OS

If you’ve been waiting for an updates blog, here it is! Updates for OS 6.1 this month, plus more info about the release of OS 7 blog.elementary.io/updates-for

Welcome to all of our new follows! Happy to see you here on the ✨ Fediverse ✨

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There are two Flathub talks to look forward to on Friday at LAS: "Flathub: now and next" by Jorge Castro and Rob McQueen, and "Status of Flathub payments/donations support" by Daniel Silverstone

Linux App Summit can be attended either remotely or in Italy; check out linuxappsummit.org/

If you’re in Early Access and have experienced a regression not on this project board, please report it. Let’s work together and make this happen ASAP 💪 github.com/orgs/elementary/pro

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