One of the most hotly-requested features for elementary OS is proper multi-touch gestures, and we hear you. Learn about the work going into elementary OS 6, our swipiest OS release ever.️

Christmas is right around the corner! I bet someone you love could use a computer running elementary OS 😉

@fikran @tuxedocomputers we have a small but growing list of OEM Retailers and Partners at

@tuxedocomputers we likely would not put an elementary logo directly on hardware unless we actually designed the hardware. 😉 For the Super key, we recommend OEMs use the word “Super” itself, or use the Looped Square symbol, as it is what we use in the OS.

When we talk about privacy, we actually mean it—we don’t just protect your data from others, but from ourselves as well. Learn how and why we design and develop products that truly respect your privacy:

We are proud to be a Supporter-level Sponsor of the Linux App Summit! We leverage the unique combination of top-notch UX and the world-changing power of Open Source to deliver both elementary OS and AppCenter, and we support the future of apps on Linux.

Hey quick question! Why did you switch to elementary OS?

Dark style support is shaping up rather nicely for elementary OS 6! Read the latest on our blog from Daniel Foré to hear where we are with the dark style, plus why it is a bigger challenge than one might expect on the surface.

We’re sponsoring because elementary OS is the platform for killer apps!

Lucky enough to be your friends’ or family’s go-to IT person, or just have a struggling computer sitting around? We have a great weekend project for you! Revitalize a Mac or PC to make it run better than new with elementary OS.

@zudn it depends on the exact model, but most 64-bit Macs should work! You can try elementary OS before installing to make sure your hardware works and that it runs well.

“You can get all your stuff done. …and honestly if you’ve got an old Windows machine that you don’t want to have to run Windows on, put elementary OS on it and it becomes a nice little workhorse.”

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“Say you’ve got an older Mac that’s no longer getting security updates from Apple but you still want to use it, elementary OS is going to be a very familiar interface to you… It looks great, it’s stable, it’s updated regularly, and will run on many, many, many Macs.”

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The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab podcast has some good things to say about elementary OS!

@nev @kai they both use VTE for the actual Terminal view, but other than that, they’re pretty different.

Work is well underway on elementary OS 6! Check out some of the more architectural platform changes coming to make elementary OS 6 the best version yet.

@mondstern you can register and translate! But out translator community set up a Slack workspace to get to know one another and build trust as well.

@I_Mod_Things we currently offer a sticker pack as a perk of our Patreon! We are also looking into other ways to offer stickers without introducing too much overhead.

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