We had a busy June and released several important updates! Check out this month’s recap: blog.elementary.io/updates-for

elementary OS is available out of the box on Star Labs laptops. Choose elementary OS when checking out, and a portion of your purchase goes to help support development. starlabs.systems/pages/labtop-

We’ve reached 101 sponsors and we’re halfway to our first funding goal! Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far! github.com/sponsors/elementary

@usul Hardware and software support for retailer devices are provided by the retailers themselves.

Looking to get a computer with elementary OS out of the box? Check out Laptop With Linux, a Netherlands-based company that sells laptops and mini desktops with elementary OS. A portion of each elementary OS purchase goes to support development. laptopwithlinux.com/?ref=36

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We now accept funding via cryptocurrencies! If you’ve wanted to throw some Bitcoin, Etherium, or other coin our way to help us fund development, now you can. elementary.io/get-involved#fun

Goodbye, Bountysource; Hello GitHub Sponsors! We’re moving away from Bountysource for bug bounties, and leaning into GitHub Sponsors. Read why. blog.elementary.io/goodbye-bou

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Planner setting the bar for apps, yet again. This time, even the release notes go above and beyond (yes, really). I’m so proud that this is the ecosystem we’re building for elementary OS. planner-todo.web.app/release/2

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Glad to see my latest post resonating with many members of the open source community.

If you missed it, take a look:

How to pay your rent with your open source project plausible.io/blog/open-source-

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Interesting behind the scenes look at how the elementary OS team prepares the move from Google Analytics to Plausible


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On removing GA: @elementary founder @danrabbit

"Our motivation has been to find something Open Source and built around privacy. A big part of the reason we chose Plausible is that they are not an ad platform and therefore have no obvious incentive to collect and sell user data.

They make money the same way elementary does: by directly charging for their product. We know the importance of building your business model around your ethics and we wanted to support a company who shares our values"

@leecifer @danrabbit we are working on a blog post right now. The gist is that Bountysource notified us that they were changing their terms of service to something we found absolutely unacceptable—they have since withdrawn that change for now, but that combined with the crypto-company acquisition and increasing issues contacting their support team has lead us to withdraw from Bountysource and recommend others do as well.

Again, more details on the blog soon.

Check it out, our blog stats are public! We’ll be writing up some more details on the blog soon. 😉

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Alright, @PlausibleHQ@twitter.com, your mentioning @elementary@twitter.com in your blog worked. :) We’ve been poking at Plausible, and are in love. We’ll be retiring Google Analytics on our site in favor of this. For now, though, here’s what we can see on our blog: plausible.io/blog.elementary.i

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Catch an interview with our co-founder and CXO @CassidyJames@twitter.com!

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The latest edition of Linux++ is out now on @FrontPageLinux@twitter.com! It's been an extremely busy month so far and I thank you for your patience with the 20th edition. Of course, none of this would be possible without the awesome people like YOU. So, THANK YOU! 🙌

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Looking good. 😍 Get your very own at patreon.com/elementary

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If you ever wanna know how much I love @elementary@twitter.com... I have their logotype on my car... I don’t put ANYTHING on my car unless it’s incredibly special. You guys rock. 🦄🥳🥳🥳

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We’re nearly half way towards our first goal on @github@twitter.com sponsors! We need your help to fund Open Source software development: github.com/sponsors/elementary

elementary OS is now available out of the box on over a dozen models from two OEMs. It’s now easier than ever to get elementary OS on well-supported hardware! Read more and check out our first two retailers: blog.elementary.io/now-shippin

elementary OS 5.1.5 is here. Read about quality-of-life improvements for AppCenter, Files, and more. blog.elementary.io/hera-update

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