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Congrats to our friends in the community on the release of Fedora 32! Send us your screenshots running Pantheon in the new release 😉

Hey did you know we're on sponsors? Check us out there for an exclusive new reward tier:

We’ve recently updated our developer page with some refreshed and expanded documentation using . Check it out!

Congrats to our friends in the community on their latest release! We’re super excited to build the next elementary OS on such an amazing foundation 😘


It's here! Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is available for download 🎉


Good stuff is coming to AppCenter this month. Look for faster loading, better keyboard navigation, improvements to how plugins are displayed, and better interaction with network proxies. 👀


David has been an absolute machine. Gonna be a good sized performance/quality-of-life release of AppCenter this month


In case you missed it: elementary OS 5.1.3 Hera is here! Improvements to Code, Files, System Settings, system indicators, and more—read about it on the blog.

If you’re a journalist looking for our press resources, check out this page on our website:

We provide screenshots, brand assets, and a special low volume mailing list for embargoed content

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A recent post at got some flak because a couple Ubuntu flavors didn't have screenshots included.

Yet again this is where I preach the value of marketing, even simple things like having good assets for press. Yes, it matters.

This is the site owner's response:


elementary OS 5.1.3 is here! Check out all the improvements and fixes that we shipped throughout March.

We’re aware of some intermittent issues with displaying and installing curated AppCenter apps on elementary OS at the moment. Our team is on it and the issue should be resolved shortly.

Despite postponing the in-person sprint due to COVID-19, we still got a lot done. Read about it and check out some prototype screenshots on the blog.

Our original time for the sprint has ended, and we did get some important work done while working remotely—but we still plan to schedule an in-person sprint to really dial things in and get more substantial work done. Blog post incoming within the next week.

Vala is a living language and it’s Open Source! Get Involved and help make it even better :)


Anonymous delegates, really nice idea!


We made some great progress yesterday, and are getting back to work this morning.


I’m really bummed that we had to postpone an in-person sprint, but we still hit the ground running today and got a lot done. Follow along with our progress here:


Due to travel restrictions and for the safety and well-being of our contributors, we are postponing the AppCenter for Everyone sprint that was planned to take place March 12–19. We are coordinating making alternate arrangements with attendees and will provide more info soon.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you SO MUCH to over 600 people who backed —we met our 100% goal in record time, and came in strong toward our ambitious stretch goal. A post-campaign update will come tomorrow after we’ve gotten some sleep.

LAST CALL for ! Less than an hour left! Get your exclusive swag—it’s gone forever after this campaign is over.

Less than two hours left for ! If you want your exclusive swag, back the campaign ASAP to make sure it gets in in time! And if you wanted to upgrade your pledge, please message us ASAP as well.

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