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"We know how important it is that your business is built around your ethics and we get the same feeling from the folks at @plausible. We’re excited to be supporting a company that shares our values and respects the people visiting our site" @elementary

A mix of old and new. Who remembers which release featured this wallpaper as the default?


Feeling nostalgic.


Norka is a new continuous text editor for elementary OS.

“Imagine text writing experience without the hassle. Don't worry about saving files, complex markup, or accidentally deleted notes.”

Laptop With Linux now ships worldwide! Check out their laptops and mini PCs with elementary OS. Purchasing using our link helps support elementary OS—you get a sweet computer AND help ensure elementary OS remains sustainable. Win/win.

Ever thought of making an app for elementary OS? You can with AppCenter—the open source, pay-what-you-want app store for indie developers. Get your native app in front of hundreds of thousands of users—with the option to accept payments for your work.

elementary OS is powered by an incredible community of people from around the world—and you can join us! See how you can get involved with anything from translations and community support to web and desktop development. There’s something for everybody.

Devices with elementary OS out of the box are now shipping. Check out our new retailers and read a bit about the journey behind the scenes.

Thanks to just over 150 sponsors, we’re ~80% of the way towards our first goal on GitHub Sponsors! Your sponsorship can help us reach the goal for as little as $2 per month :)

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@sikkdays Discovering @elementary has been a revelatory experience for me. I'm partially blind and fine/gross motor impaired, so WIMPS interfaces are a total productivity killer for me. This platform uses a different philosophy entirely, and that really shines through when using it. Keyboard driven EVERYTHING, and for those who want a visual interface it offers a consistent user experience that's really beautiful. Can't gush about the work these folks are doing enough. Don't treat it like just another Linux distro though or you may be disappointed when you can't twiddle every last bit.

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I'm experimenting with using instead of Google Analytics, after the @elementary team spoke highly of it. The interface is a lot simpler than GA, and the ability to make the stats public is great.

Here's the stats for my personal site:

Also, did you know when you embed a tweet, it lets Twitter track your readers across your site, contributing to a similar data collection network? That’s why our “embedded” tweets are all local HTML without hitting Twitter’s servers. As a bonus, it respects dark style.

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We've completely left Google Analytics behind in favor of @plausible.

Google’s incentive is to collect as much information as possible from people visiting as many sites as possible—and using Google Analytics directly helps them do that.

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Announcement from the @elementary team 😍

"We've completely left Google Analytics behind in favor of Plausible. Google’s incentive is to collect as much information as possible from people visiting as many sites as possible—and using Google Analytics directly helps them do that."

elementary OS often gets called a “Linux distribution.” We see it a bit differently.

Thinking about switching away from the Mac, but don’t know where to go? We got you. Check out this blog post about switching to elementary OS—and why it’s a better OS for you.

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There is one day left to submit your GUADEC 2020 BoF and workshop requests. If you have a GNOME or free software related idea you'd like to talk about submit it by July 11!
#FOSS #OpenSource #GUADEC

We previously answered this commonly asked question on our old blog and now this post is available on our new blog as well!

We had a busy June and released several important updates! Check out this month’s recap:

elementary OS is available out of the box on Star Labs laptops. Choose elementary OS when checking out, and a portion of your purchase goes to help support development.

We’ve reached 101 sponsors and we’re halfway to our first funding goal! Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far!

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