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Did you know you can easily make elementary OS better by giving feedback directly to its developers? Navigate to System Settings → About and select “Report a Problem” to let developers know about any issues you encounter or new features you’d like to have

elementary OS is completely Open Source and anyone can get involved in our community. Check out this webpage for a list of ways that you can help make it even more awesome:

If you’re in the market for a new computer, elementary OS now ships pre-installed on several laptop models and when you purchase from one of these retailers, it helps fund development!

ICYMI, we recently published a blog post with some information about the upcoming elementary OS 6 and how you can get early access to experimental daily builds. Check it out:

Hey app developers, looking to get started building apps for elementary OS? Make sure you check out to get all the info you need

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Good to see @elementary exploring new ways to fund the project with Early Access Builds.

Donations are hard! Looking at their site stats "Payment Skipped" is the top action taken (58k) while "Payment: Complete" only has 1k

Join to celebrate the alpha release of Akira: the Linux design tool!


Going live in 10 minutes!


While we have a few elementary OS 5.1 updates to cover for the month of July, the bigger news is that we’re ready to start talking about elementary OS 6. Check out the updates, some features planned for elementary OS 6, and how you can get Early Access.

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We've got a bit of feedback on the usage and needs around UTM tags reporting.

There are now 4 ideas for potential solutions. If you're interested in UTM tags, do take a look and have your say in what works best for you. Thanks!

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Was looking through the @elementary web site and came across a link to an EU store where you can get a laptop with linux called, erm, Laptop With Linux.

Neat site:


Hey developers, would you like to learn the fast and easy way to add keyboard shortcuts to your app? Check out our new documentation for GLib’s SimpleAction

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The Linux App Summit goes online in November. Call for papers is now open. Come and tell us about your project!

We’re aware the blog is temporarily down for some folks; DNS is propagating and it should be resolved in a few hours, depending on your DNS provider.

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New studio laptop now has @elementary @krita @Blender @godotengine on it. Probably all I need for the next bit.

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#GUADEC has officially started. Check out today's schedule to plan out your day. And remember, Track 1 talks are shown in the left column, Track 2 in the right.

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"We know how important it is that your business is built around your ethics and we get the same feeling from the folks at @plausible. We’re excited to be supporting a company that shares our values and respects the people visiting our site" @elementary

A mix of old and new. Who remembers which release featured this wallpaper as the default?


Feeling nostalgic.


Norka is a new continuous text editor for elementary OS.

“Imagine text writing experience without the hassle. Don't worry about saving files, complex markup, or accidentally deleted notes.”

Laptop With Linux now ships worldwide! Check out their laptops and mini PCs with elementary OS. Purchasing using our link helps support elementary OS—you get a sweet computer AND help ensure elementary OS remains sustainable. Win/win.

Ever thought of making an app for elementary OS? You can with AppCenter—the open source, pay-what-you-want app store for indie developers. Get your native app in front of hundreds of thousands of users—with the option to accept payments for your work.

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