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“You can get all your stuff done. …and honestly if you’ve got an old Windows machine that you don’t want to have to run Windows on, put elementary OS on it and it becomes a nice little workhorse.”

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“Say you’ve got an older Mac that’s no longer getting security updates from Apple but you still want to use it, elementary OS is going to be a very familiar interface to you… It looks great, it’s stable, it’s updated regularly, and will run on many, many, many Macs.”

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The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab podcast has some good things to say about elementary OS!

Work is well underway on elementary OS 6! Check out some of the more architectural platform changes coming to make elementary OS 6 the best version yet.

Last but not least, Star Labs Lite Mk III is available for pre-order now. It’s a little premium 11-inch laptop with an IPS display, backlit keyboard, glass trackpad, and fanless design. Star Labs is also working on bringing Coreboot to the LabTop Mk IV.

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Laptop With Linux has added new Tongfang models with magnesium-alloy chassis, IPS displays, and up to 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processors. They also feature a slick new Super key design—and Laptop With Linux now ships worldwide.

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elementary OS is now available on a range of devices from Slimbook, from thin and light laptops to all-in-ones and desktops. Plus, every purchase with elementary OS helps support development. Welcome, Slimbook!

Slimbook is now a retailer of elementary OS! This means you can get devices with elementary OS pre-installed directly from Slimbook, and each purchase helps support us. Check out all of our retailers, and maybe pick up a new device.

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"We’re very happy with @plausible. They’ve enabled us to get rid of Google Analytics while still keeping tabs on important product-related data. And most importantly, we are able to do so in a way that is much more transparent and trustworthy"

Thank you to the @elementary team for all their support!

In case you missed it: we’ve left Google Analytics in favor of Plausible. Read why, and learn why we like Plausible so much more with our brief review.

Looking for an old elementary blog post? It should be easier—we now have search!

We’ve brought elementary OS 6 pre-release builds to Pinebook Pro as an experiment, and it works pretty well. :) Read David’s write-up of the process and learn how to get it for yourself!

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We've featured some Plausible Analytics reviews (thanks @ggarron, @elementary @danrabbit and @yarmo) on our docs and on our Product Hunt page too.

If you've written a review too, do let us know!

Did you know you can easily make elementary OS better by giving feedback directly to its developers? Navigate to System Settings → About and select “Report a Problem” to let developers know about any issues you encounter or new features you’d like to have

elementary OS is completely Open Source and anyone can get involved in our community. Check out this webpage for a list of ways that you can help make it even more awesome:

If you’re in the market for a new computer, elementary OS now ships pre-installed on several laptop models and when you purchase from one of these retailers, it helps fund development!

ICYMI, we recently published a blog post with some information about the upcoming elementary OS 6 and how you can get early access to experimental daily builds. Check it out:

Hey app developers, looking to get started building apps for elementary OS? Make sure you check out to get all the info you need

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Good to see @elementary exploring new ways to fund the project with Early Access Builds.

Donations are hard! Looking at their site stats "Payment Skipped" is the top action taken (58k) while "Payment: Complete" only has 1k

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