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elementary Developer Week is happening online June 26–27 and we’ve had several great submissions—but we’re missing YOURS! As such, we’re extending the submission deadline to April 30; get your idea or talk submitted ASAP for consideration.

The deadline to submit a talk for edw is next Tuesday! Want to give a talk but you're struggling with a topic? Take a look at the ideas others have suggested for inspiration!

Can you believe it’s already been 10 years? Time flies! Revisit the memories with us in this brief retrospective 🍻🎂🎉

Are you a developer, designer, entrepreneur? Do you have knowledge or experiences to share with app developers? There are just three weeks remaining to get your ideas and talks in for the first ever elementary Developer Weekend—online June 26–27.

ICYMI, we’re hosting the first ever elementary Developer Weekend online June 26–27! Now through April 20 we’re accepting ideas and talks from developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has knowledge and experiences to share with the community.

More details about talks, plus a deadline: April 20, 2021. Suggest an idea or submit a talk before then for it to be considered:

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elementary Developer Weekend. June 26–27, 2021. Online.

We’re creating a space to include open source app developers in the process of building an ecosystem—and to share their expertise with others.

Join us, and submit your concept for a talk today!

More details coming soon, but if you have any questions about edw, drop them here; we’ll answer them as we can!

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Are you a developer, designer, or entrepreneur? We’re taking submissions for your presentation concepts. This is your opportunity to share your expertise with the community.

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You’re invited to the first elementary Developer Weekend!

For years we’ve dreamed about creating a conference for Open Source app developers, so we’re creating a space to bring people in and include them in the process.

Join us online June 26–27, 2021

Our co-founder, discusses some of the design changes coming to elementary OS 6 in this behind-the-scenes blog post from earlier this month. What changes are you most excited for in the upcoming release?

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The work @elementary contributors are doing on their GTK stylesheet, and supporting a system-wide dark mode, is really great. I especially like these accent colours! I’m looking forward to trying it again.

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Quarter-Final: #Debian vs #elementaryOS. Which do you prefer?

Google Summer of Code was a little too full to accept us this year, but our ideas list is still a great place to find potential projects if you’d like to get involved!

We are not aware of any active exploits of this vulnerability; however, to be extra vigilant, users should check the list of trusted/paired devices and remove any that are not 100% confirmed to be genuine.

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If the settings remained open, the request would be accepted without user intervention. The fix in version 2.3.5 includes showing a dialog to the user to explicitly allow or deny the request, including verifying a numeric PIN if it is present.

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And for more details than can fit in a single tweet: the vulnerability required the Bluetooth settings to be actively open, which makes your device discoverable. In older versions of switchboard-plug-bluetooth, this could allow someone nearby to request to pair with your device.

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The issue was discovered, disclosed, and fixed by—huge thanks to him and his work. If you’d like to sponsor him and his continued work on open source, you can do so via GitHub Sponsors:

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elementary OS 5.1 Hera or 6 (Early Access) users, install all available updates today! A moderate vulnerability was found in Bluetooth settings that could allow a physically proximate attacker to connect a device without authorization while open. Details:

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