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Spanish video reviewing FF VII / Vídeo en español recapitulando sobre FVII:

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Hi, this is my . Former twitter, google and Facebook user. Physicist from college, but computer programmer of profession. Linux user for more than 10 years. Currently Archer.

My main concerns are privacy, digital rights and climate change.

Living in Spain, loving good food, food beer (wheat beer, specially!) and jazz, rock, electronic and others kind of music.

You can talk to me about anything in Spanish or English.

I'm loving long messages :D

Account migration "easier than ever, and with 3.0 comes the ability to bring your followers with you like magic!" Thanks a lot! I think that's one of the most important feature for a decentralized network!

google play music, owned and operated by google, the search company, has a hard time surfacing the musical artist "The The" via a search query, probably because the band name is all stop words.

You'd think a search company would have a code path in place for exact matches regardless of natural language processed indices.

If they cared.

If you were worried that my mini RPG CLOSED FOREVER was going to sell out, then let me lay your fears to rest: it's a digital good.

You can download it for free (or even purchase it!) for as long as your local power grid stands up to climate change.

I am... terrible at marketing.

Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers

Firm’s public calls for climate action contrast with backing for conservative thinktanks

* The obscure law that explains why Google backs climate deniers
Google has made “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington despite its insistence that it supports political action on the climate crisis.
Among hundreds of groups the company has listed on its website as beneficiaries of its political giving are more than a dozen organisations that have campaigned against climate legislation, questioned the need for action, or actively sought to roll back Obama-era environmental protections.
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RT @gretathunberg
The huge, proposed new fossil gas terminal in Göteborg has been denied its final permit and will not be built because of the climate crisis.
Activism works. So act! #folkmotfossilgas #WeWonGothenburg

Last August, the excellent Gitlab forge migrated to Google Cloud : -(

As a direct consequence, the site is no longer accessible from several countries. Indirect consequence: sysadmin and developpers in these same countries can no longer download Gitlab's source code to install it on their servers.

@Framasoft provides a mirror of Gitlab Debian repositories: apt.gitlab.mirror.framasoft.or

Feel free to share the information (in other languages if possible).

@slimbook Buenas! Las estimaciones de batería que hay en vuestras FAQs, siguen siendo correctas para los modelos actuales? Estaría bien tenerlo actualizado :)

Yet another reason it's a good idea to move on from Twitter (and Facebook) to a decentralized option like Mastodon.

"Twitter took phone numbers users gave for account security and used them to target ads"

Class talk, poverty 

I will not participate in #Hacktoberfest this year, although contributing to #OpenSource and #FreeSoftware is my day job. First, I already have enough t-shirts. But second, the ecosystem I use on a daily basis is mostly made up of projects that use GitLab, or BitBucket, or, or Fossil, or sending patches by mail, or GNU Savannah, or (good grief!) even SourceForge. I think only two of the projects I contributed last year were on GitHub.

The #FOSS world is so much bigger. Don't forget that.

In a discussion on why directly monetizing an existing free software project doesn't work:

"There's a long list of free shit that we're building on top of. It's a bit like somebody sticking a cherry ontop of a free cake then trying to charge for it."
- A rather accurate HN comment.

Websites that have cookie banners saying closing the banner means accepting cookies. Websites blocking me from their content if they realize I’m using a privacy mode. I think I’m going to read something else instead.

#coop fact of the day!

These daily facts are part of a marketing campaign for #CoopExchange, consider subscribing to our email list in our website here:

Do you like data? Do you like standards? Do you like public good? Do you like co-operating and flat org structures and a good work life balance and not just chasing $$? Open Data Services Co-op are hiring: non-dev techie data standards roles. Fully remote. Check it out. #coop #cooplife

Victoryyyyy, the "hi I'm a chatbot technic" works with annoying random dudes in DM, he blocked me muhhahahaha

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