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Hi, this is my . Former twitter, google and Facebook user. Physicist from college, but computer programmer of profession. Linux user for more than 10 years. Currently Archer.

My main concerns are privacy, digital rights and climate change.

Living in Spain, loving good food, food beer (wheat beer, specially!) and jazz, rock, electronic and others kind of music.

You can talk to me about anything in Spanish or English.

I'm loving long messages :D

Si no confías en la persona que está al otro lado, da igual el aparataje técnico de la conversación. Donde no hay confianza no puede haber seguridad.

I'm not new to the fediverse, but here's an #introduction focusing on just one project:

Ora.Network aims to create a global digital #skillsharing network based on the principles of time banking, #libre software, and the #commons. A #mutualcredit currency where 1 ora is added to your balance for every hour you contribute to a qualified libre/commons project. You can then transfer your ora to someone else in exchange for their help working on your own (non-qualified) project.

What ever happened to Mozilla anyway? It feels like they lost their way. Including non-free software, spying on users and installing addons without users consent isn't really what they used to be about.

"Ryanair is to recognise pilot unions for the first time in its 32-year history in an attempt to prevent strikes in the run-up to Christmas."

"Ryanair’s share price fell almost 8% on Friday after its announcement."

This system is broken.


Question to all instance administrators who (for some reason) follow me. How many dead accounts are you getting on your instances relative to active ones?

It turns out that the film being projected wasn't in English but dubbed in Spanish.

It turns out too projecting a film isn't as easy as I expected... Or they're missing the film. I hope is the first one.

12°C outside. Star Wars is coming inside!

Movies centered around software vulnerabilities being exploited.

It should be a thing.

Las croquetas son amor, y lo demás son tonterías <3

Farmbot is an open source/open hardware robot meant to automate growing your own food. My mind is already racing with all the possibilities for cooperative ownership and operation...


i super appreciate that #liberapay has a system that makes small contributions not only financially sustainable, but actually encouraged; there's donation tiers specifically called "symbolic" and "small"

small efforts add up 👌

This time is not Ophelia but Ana. We'll see but for now the clouds are covering the sky, and the wind is speeding up.

OMG somebody cool please make this instance and make it good and pure please

Is a closed source antivirus inherently a problem? No.

Can it be used maliciously, by the company who develops the software? You bet your ass it could be.

This piece of software has read permissions on practically every file in your system.

Is this interesting to you?

Ey, people from USA, how do yoy feel about the Net not being neutral anymore?

607 trabajadores murieron en 2016 por accidente laboral y en 2017 también vamos camino de superar cifras máximas. Pero nadie asume ser responsable de ese resultado de la precariedad, la falta de protección social y la pérdida de derechos laborales.

Joaquim Bosch Grau de Jueces para la Democracia