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Coding is like cooking. When you cook with love any other person can tell so. Company's food is made without any love.
Let me know how's the food of an experienced member of your family :)

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Hi, this is my . Former twitter, google and Facebook user. Physicist from college, but computer programmer of profession. Linux user for more than 10 years. Currently Archer.

My main concerns are privacy, digital rights and climate change.

Living in Spain, loving good food, food beer (wheat beer, specially!) and jazz, rock, electronic and others kind of music.

You can talk to me about anything in Spanish or English.

I'm loving long messages :D

So one of the really creepy things about the whole FB business is that even if you yourself were careful to not use any silly apps on it that suck your data or log into any websites using your FB account, that doesn’t mean your “friends” didn’t give your data away by giving permissions to read data on THEIR friends. Gah

Deleted account awhile ago but fear that made little difference bc they already had lots of my data and probably still do even after deletion.

Makes me feel yucky.

@MutoShack @majestyx @byte This advertisement-based business-model is toxic and fundamentally incompatible with privacy. For it to work you *have* to have third parties' spying code in your private sphere. (to count what you see, how you react, etc.)

I am sorry but this cannot work. Them giving money away is mostly PR. In the end they'll sell themselves to whoever (Google?) whenever....

PRISM showed us we just *cannot* trust a US company to protect our privacy. there is no route around that.

Todo el mundo en el tren mirando sus pantallas ya sea ordenador, tablet y/o móviles. Si todos o la inmensa mayoría está usando servicios de Google, o navegando registrado en Facebook o en Windows. Cuanta información están dando a cambio de un correo donde casi todo lo que llega es ignorado o donde miras las fotos de gente que sube fotos trucadas y falsas léase Instagram? Se da mucho a cambio de poco aunque parece lo contrario verdad??

Existe alguna criptomoneda que busque tener un valor estable y que sirve para intercambiar bienes y servicios en internet y no para especular?
Lo que me gusta de Bitcoin es que es descentralizado, sin Estados o bancos y fácil para realizar pagos pero solo sirve para especular

Climate Code Red: What is happening in the Arctic is now beyond words, so here are the pictures


Lapuanjoki introduces new system languages, updated Qt framework which includes a lot of bug fixes, security patches for kernel, display drivers and bluez, bug fixes in CalDAV sync, Dropbox account creation and much more. Via Blog: blog.jolla.com/sailfish-os-2-1

Coding is like cooking. When you cook with love any other person can tell so. Company's food is made without any love.
Let me know how's the food of an experienced member of your family :)

Today is "I Love Free Software" Day! Join us in celebrating !ILoveFS and show the world why you love !FreeSoftware. Have a look at https://ilovefs.org for activities, enjoy the gallery of Free Software lovers, and help us to make contributors smile <3 http://l.fsfe.org/Bov0VA #fsfe #FreeSoftware




Any game studios out here looking for a new hire? @emelie is a concept artist and 3D model designer emiri.artstation.com/

I have an open position on my team (just me & my manager) at work (Under Armour) for a senior software engineer. Our job description is so bad, though. It doesn't accurately reflect what working here is like or what I'd say my team is looking for. I'mma figure out who to talk to about making it better.

BUT: If you live in Austin and have questions about what we do and how we do it, please feel free to hit me up on here. Boosts welcome. I promise it's welcoming, not bro-ey; collaborative, not competitive; and that work/life balance is highly valued. It's a really great place to work and I'd really, REALLY like to not have a funnel full of cishet white dudes.

Hello Mastodon,

I'm looking for pointers and tips on interesting approaches to internet guerilla activism. I.E. ideas in the same genre as setting up a Twitter bot to argue with alt-righters and anti-feminists.

If you got anything, just throw me a googlable term or link and I'll look into it

I am competent in web programming and able to read very technical stuff and currently researching for a 2-week teaching-tour on tools to fight online violence against women and minorities. Thx 😘

I still have my Twitter account, but I kind of forgot about it. I don't remember the last time I logged in.

I hope at some point doing the same with my google account.

Are personal blogs coming back? The other day I read Medium is loosing catch and so do Facebook.