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Who are your favourite women/non-binary/trans/PoC game composers/audio designers? I want to expand my rolodex.

reposting so it is public / has more reach. bc I can be slightly more open about this as opposed to the bird site,

Do I know any other autistic non-binary folks, or do any want to reach out? I probably don't know as many (or aren't as open either) and it'd just be good to get to know similar minded people.

(might not respond too much this week bc egx)

Big ol' bonus if anyone knows any good UK online / support groups since local groups seem to either be non-existent or super hard to find.

what's a good instance to join / anyone up for adding me to their good instance

seems like some folks are moving over to cybre.space. eldritch.cafe I'm leaning towards.

p.s. is there a way to change instances unless you have to make an entire new account? bc there's a couple of good sounding ones that I want to be a part of, and can change when I've got the energy to.

Thanks so much to folks who have read and checked in on my recent posts labelled to do with the project I was on. I'm off the project now and it feels like a weight off and bullet dodged.

p.s hey I need to sublet my room in London from NOW until 13th Sept. would anyone be interested or knows someone bc it's super urgent. >>>> t.co/PjQklqQzHi

to reassure folks about my last toot, I most certainly no longer have kickstarter anxiety for obvious good reasons

*comes back to see more people on here and added me than I thought*

kickstarter anxiety. i'm full of it today

Another boost for the No Longer Home kickstarter. kickstarter.com/projects/humbl

Almost a 1/3 along the way, if anyone knows anyone who could help us push to the halfway point soon, that'd be amazing, thank you,

No Longer Home is on the Kickstarter and this is another platform that I'm going to share the page on, I guess. By all means check it out pals!! kickstarter.com/projects/humbl

(I'm happy to help with week's bills or contribute to food or something since I cannot afford much)

Asking on smaller platforms before asking masses, but if any Brighton folk (or knows folks there) are able to let me crash on a sofa or a spare bed for Develop week (9th-13th), that'd be sweet? It'd also be my last time to head there in a while so it'd be nice to go & be around folks. Thanks pals

hi I fell victim to scope creep AMA Show more

hi I fell victim to scope creep AMA Show more

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potentially leaving London + rambles Show more

potentially leaving London + rambles Show more

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legal baloney (need to find some help!!) Show more

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