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eli @eliRainsberry@mastodon.social

(I'm happy to help with week's bills or contribute to food or something since I cannot afford much)

Asking on smaller platforms before asking masses, but if any Brighton folk (or knows folks there) are able to let me crash on a sofa or a spare bed for Develop week (9th-13th), that'd be sweet? It'd also be my last time to head there in a while so it'd be nice to go & be around folks. Thanks pals

hi I fell victim to scope creep AMA Show more

hi I fell victim to scope creep AMA Show more

potentially leaving London + rambles Show more

potentially leaving London + rambles Show more

potentially leaving London + rambles Show more

legal baloney (need to find some help!!) Show more

legal baloney (need to find some help!!) Show more

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Also looks like I'm going to be working on audio things on an ad-hoc part-time basis with a company that does research/apps for kids? like. 1-2 days a week.

Not announcing it on the bird site as it's stuff I don't know whether i'd want (or even can?) ultimately show, but it's rent money, the employer knows it's rent money for me, and maybe I might be able to live for a bit. which would be p neato

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I should be concluding on a super long-term project later tonight, but for now. Smaller projects. Finally.

Working on things for @MOKKA, @reimenayee, & a couple of animators who aren't on Mastodon. All different things & sounds & such and I'm psyched to start/conclude them.

I'm...pretty psyched to start on smaller projects soon. Like. An extra day or two concluding one of my bigger projects then it's small films & a small game for a little bit ✨

Good evening. I just calculated that I'll be putting out at least one release from January onwards next year (until about April/May maybe)? RIP me in advance

The only thing I've found confusing about here is the many instances that are on here?? Can you go between instances? Because I might join 1-2 others but I don't want to worry about the hassle of making people follow another new account. i just wanna be in a witch town,

I also spent half an hour in a small bar with 150+ of them whilst doing a pop quiz about C++ and audio engineering.

both RIP me and rip me

so despite having less cis men for speakers, the event still has just about the same amount of cis men there which is a Lot. and it's tiring.

I saw that a uni pal of mine is going to be there so it'd be a little bearable, as well as getting free little things and food?? Hope to learn bits and bats of things like last time though. a p/t job would be a plus (because i need...to sustain..my muns) but I'm not hoping on anything.

I'm helping at the Audio Developer Conference for the 2nd time and it's kind of changed but also...not?