Bad game idea of the day: You are a security system engineer for the SCP Foundation. You must design CCTV/etc systems that can safely detect containment breaches by creatures with abilities like "able to travel through electrical wiring" and "able to possess anyone who sees a picture of it".

Also, it's a real-time roguelite where you keep getting sent briefings about new creatures you need to begin monitoring immediately, and sometimes the briefings have vital information redacted.

@elidupree Bad game idea, or the BEST game idea?

Also some of the creatures would naturally have "appears from writing about themselves" or "is thought about" as a mode of travel.

@fluffy Belated reply: Sounds perfect! In the later part of the game, even the mission briefings can put you in danger, so you have to make your subordinates read them first, preferably in a sealed room, to screen for memetic hazards.

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