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Belated :

Does what it says on the label. I write things like
and sometimes things like

What's on tap here: bad dad jokes, slow posts, fiction like knives, and the occasional mushroom

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I guess its time for my ! I'm Zana, bi, 20 and part of the diaspora in Germany :) I'm very interested in Kurdish politics, eager to learn more and trying to get better at ! I have also recently started to draw more kurdish woman and tails.. let's see where this journey takes me ^^ mastodon.social/media/Z8qSb9R8 mastodon.social/media/6an7gIPR

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still thinking about this brutal E. Lily Yu story, "Music for the Underworld." motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

It was an embarrassingly long time after reading that I fully clocked the depth of the Orphic parallels. It was amazing being smacked in the face again by the reinvigorated, politically transfigured power of a millennia-old story.

Do be cautious when reading, as @elilyyu says: 'ALL the content warnings.'

New story up at Terraform: "Music for the Underworld."

"Although Juan Pedro “Feo” Jiménez scratched out his living at bio-synth and electrika festivals, some virtual and some real, in the days between gigs, when it was too risky to be on the streets, Feo played his first love. This was a slim chrome-and-rosewood theremin, almost a hundred years old..."

ALL the content warnings.


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it takes a village to raise a child,
but it takes a child to raze a system

From a game of Papercuts with friends. I was very proud of this.

Today I learned how to accidentally delete posts. Well done, me.

It was a link to my latest story, over at Clarkesworld: "The No-One Girl and the Flower of the Farther Shore."


Word I learned today: amplexus


But can you imagine if who we were on the inside determined our destiny?

The first time we go for a CAT scan, we'd hear, "I see... a skull... and bones... Have you considered becoming a pirate?"

Then we'd have to whip out our concealed scimitars and make the radiologist walk the plank, or rather, the sliding tray attached to the scanner, because our darkest secret was now revealed.

I console myself with the thought that people who have treated me badly will someday be exposed for who they really are

who am I kidding

the doctor's going to take one look and say "wow that's a majestic and beautiful liver, keep doing what you're doing"

and life goes on

Forget skeletons in the closet

we have skeletons hiding in our skin!

Sooner or later who we are on the inside will be revealed

whether by x-ray or colonoscopy

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If a writer falls over at her desk, but there's nobody else around to hear, does she make a sound?

besides "@*#$," I mean

If I'm completely stylin', but there's a cold snap in October, so I put on a puffy but hideous plaid parka,

did I just fall down and break my hip?

What if any program that prints "hello world"

might experience an existential crisis culminating in the deletion of its own source code

but before that last rm -f, it prints—naturally—"goodbye world"

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Pictures of tires will be summarily glared at

Who's a good year? Whoooo's a good yeeeeeaaarrr?

Every time I buy a high-quality item at a thrift store with the original tags still on I feel like I've gotten away with a crime

against capitalism

it's a great feeling btw