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Does what it says on the label. I write things like
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What's on tap here: bad dad jokes, slow posts, fiction like knives, and the occasional mushroom

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The simplest way of thinking through this is to use Goethe's three questions:

- What are you trying to do? i. e. What is your intended meaning?

- How well are you doing it? i. e. Is this intended meaning sufficiently clear?

- Was it worth doing? i. e. Is the conclusion you want your reader to arrive at worth the journey you're taking them on?

And... that's gonna be my conclusion. Thank you so much for reading, and please share your thoughts and criticisms with me!

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Horrible rape joke by horrible man Show more

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So, how can we tell when we're using irony right and when we're using it wrong? This is where it gets complicated, and in order to being to answer this question, we need to start looking into how irony actually functions.

If irony is saying something to mean something else, all ironic statements contain within themselves the possibility that someone might take them literally, miss out on the ironic tone and/or context.

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People should be held morally responsible for what they say, which means they can't be given a get-out-of-jail-free card by claiming it's a joke. When you make a joke about something, you're still saying something about that thing. Most of the time what you're saying is utterly inconsequential, but sometimes it isn't. In any case, nothing is ever "just a joke" because every joke is a also a statement.

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What I'm interested in here is irony when it is used in jokes. The first two views I would like to disagree with are the idea that it's always OK, and the idea that it's never OK.

The idea that irony is always OK is usually put forward with the idea that you can say anything as long as it's a joke. This is ridiculous. It implicitly lets the person making the statement decide if what they said is a joke, which implies that anyone can say anything as long as they follow it up with "just joking"

I am tipsy and there is squid ink on my cell phone tonight.

Someday when I am old and cranky I shall write a handbook called "The Compleat Arts of Being a Lady" and the chapters will include "Juggling," "The Unicycle," "Poisons," "Archery," "Booking a Hostel in a Foreign Language," "Squid Jigging," etc.

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In this restaurant, they have a caesar salad that has kale as the primary green instead of romaine, and they missed their opportunity of naming the salad "Kale, Caesar!" 🏛️

There's no peace quite like sitting still under seven pounds of soft, warm, content cat.

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Fluffy Cat Illustrations by Malaysian Artist Kamwei Fong

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re: Ro vs. white 'progressives/liberals' Show more

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Here's a list of things that matter more than your ability to hold a job:

- your mental health
- your physical health
- your heart
- your kindness
- your willingness to listen to others and empathize with them
- your sense of humor (lol)
- your family, blood or chosen
- your creativity
- your morals
- you, as you are

You could call last night

Red Ted Redemption

Thank you for voting. Thank you for getting ready to vote tomorrow. Thank you for asking your friends and family to vote, even when you aren't able to. Thank you for calling strangers to ask them to vote. Thank you for lighting your small candles, as I light mine, to shine together in the darkness.

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In a world full of metered internet bandwidth and widespread wealth inequality and poverty, auto-play video is a form of gentrification.

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Just got home from the opening night of Worlds Without End at the Wing Luke. I had the privilege and honor of helping with early planning for that exhibit, and was astonished to see floorplans and layouts come to life. It's a beautiful experience and something I wish I had as a kid. The crowd tonight, even the strangers, felt like family.

The exhibit includes a small VR game created by Kelly Campelia and a fabulous team, based on "The Wretched and the Beautiful," which was a joy to play.

Was reminded today that rain, too, can bring beauty, and not only when it passes.

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