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E. Lily Yu @elilyyu@mastodon.social

Sooner or later who we are on the inside will be revealed

whether by x-ray or colonoscopy

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Forget skeletons in the closet

we have skeletons hiding in our skin!

I console myself with the thought that people who have treated me badly will someday be exposed for who they really are

who am I kidding

the doctor's going to take one look and say "wow that's a majestic and beautiful liver, keep doing what you're doing"

and life goes on

But can you imagine if who we were on the inside determined our destiny?

The first time we go for a CAT scan, we'd hear, "I see... a skull... and bones... Have you considered becoming a pirate?"

Then we'd have to whip out our concealed scimitars and make the radiologist walk the plank, or rather, the sliding tray attached to the scanner, because our darkest secret was now revealed.