You could call last night

Red Ted Redemption

Thank you for voting. Thank you for getting ready to vote tomorrow. Thank you for asking your friends and family to vote, even when you aren't able to. Thank you for calling strangers to ask them to vote. Thank you for lighting your small candles, as I light mine, to shine together in the darkness.

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In a world full of metered internet bandwidth and widespread wealth inequality and poverty, auto-play video is a form of gentrification.

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Just got home from the opening night of Worlds Without End at the Wing Luke. I had the privilege and honor of helping with early planning for that exhibit, and was astonished to see floorplans and layouts come to life. It's a beautiful experience and something I wish I had as a kid. The crowd tonight, even the strangers, felt like family.

The exhibit includes a small VR game created by Kelly Campelia and a fabulous team, based on "The Wretched and the Beautiful," which was a joy to play.

Was reminded today that rain, too, can bring beauty, and not only when it passes.

I have three horse chestnuts in my pocket and I'm not afraid to use them

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To be sane in America today is to stand apart and alone, for the most part, a pebble in the rushing stream of insanity. To be battered on all sides by advertising that creates desire and destroys contentment; fast-food reactions of self-righteousness and judgment; artificial contingencies that create false competition between demographics. To be worn down and still separate. Perhaps it has always been this way.

But I would like to see what a handful of pebbles, cemented together, could do.

Binge-drinking is normal, sexual assault is normal, disbelieving women and people of color is normal, lying and evasion of and resistance to the truth is normal, men's anger and entitlement is normal, punishment for women's anger and entitlement is normal. But absolutely none of the above is sane.

I come back over and over to the distinction between normalcy and sanity, and the striking incompatibility of the two in present-day (and past) America. "Normal" is Gaussian, is the behavior of the majority, is socially prescriptive through conscious and unconscious social learning; one is punished for not conforming to "normal."

At this time, in this world, all I can offer you is a walk in the woods

Move slowly and gently and with respect for all beings and things.

Chocolate popcorn, $3 truffle chips, black figs, damsons off someone else's tree, and the sound and smell and pewter light of the first rains of autumn.

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Today is the 100th birthday of technical badass Katherine Johnson. Ms Johnson calculated trajectories for Apollo space missions by hand.

Can finally say that N.K. Jemisin and John Joseph Adams have selected "The Wretched and the Beautiful" for The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018.

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Me (patiently): Look, it's very simple. Either you meet the Cod of Conduct, and then, the Seal of Approval, or else (gestures) Consequences the Bear.

SEAL: (barks)

BEAR: 'sup

And that's all the consolation I get, on this blisteringly hot night with no breeze and no air.

And yet today there are millions seeking truth and learning to discern truth to the best of their ability; learning to be comfortable with discomfort, accepting of pain, and present, open, and curious; learning above all to listen to new stories, while putting down the poisoned narratives that each of us were given as children and taught to use against others and ourselves.

Millions. More than at any other time, though proportionately the change may be less.

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