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Forget skeletons in the closet

we have skeletons hiding in our skin!

Sooner or later who we are on the inside will be revealed

whether by x-ray or colonoscopy

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If a writer falls over at her desk, but there's nobody else around to hear, does she make a sound?

besides "@*#$," I mean

If I'm completely stylin', but there's a cold snap in October, so I put on a puffy but hideous plaid parka,

did I just fall down and break my hip?

What if any program that prints "hello world"

might experience an existential crisis culminating in the deletion of its own source code

but before that last rm -f, it prints—naturally—"goodbye world"

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Pictures of tires will be summarily glared at

Who's a good year? Whoooo's a good yeeeeeaaarrr?

Every time I buy a high-quality item at a thrift store with the original tags still on I feel like I've gotten away with a crime

against capitalism

it's a great feeling btw

Anyone else walk into a library to return three books

happy to be making a dent in the pile at home

then walk out with six books



"Sherlock," said the Doctor, "I observed in the pile of papers to post a large and inexplicable cheque for the Widows and Orphans Fund."
"Eleemosynary, my dear Watson," the great detective said.

Somewhere else in this country it's Friday, so for my first :

@paralithode for gentle day-end meditations

@mooncake for educational readalongs

@pollyguo because Polly is pure magic

A fragment of Trametes versicolor, or Turkey Tail, saprophytic on a corporate lawn.

Ray Bradbury, in "The Affluence of Despair": "In sum, we wear our hearts on our sleaze."


I'm always years behind, but these are some of the works I enjoyed that came out in 2017:

Game: Night in the Woods

Novel: Amatka, Karen Tidbeck

Graphic Novel: Monstress vol. 2, Marjorie Liu

Short stories:
"Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand," Fran Wilde

"Fandom for Robots," Vina Jie-Min Prasad

"Carnival Nine," Caroline Yoachim

"The Last Meal He Ate Before She Killed Him," Malcom Devlin, You Will Grow Into Them

"Well, I was out running around the old oxbow, and I heard something, but I couldn't see clearly. It was too dark, and my sight's pretty watery. Could have been one fishy character or two, and I'm not sure of the color of their shirts, red or blue..."

What he had here, the forestry officer realized, feeling an increasing sense of despair, was a babbling brook.

"Dam it," the officer said. "Shut UP. I was just fishing for information!"

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