I keep on thinking of the bit in "Seven Brief Lessons on Physics" by Carlo Rovelli where he (after talking about our short presence in this universe) says, without bitterness, that accepting the future extinction of your race is a bit like accepting your own mortality.

@mvz I wonder if that's a cultural thing - the english at least seem to have the mandatory small talk going, asking how I am before getting to the actual point

the worst thing about this is not the grain of salt, but the fact that political candidates become completely opaque. You have no way of knowing their real convictions (if any) except by their track records - and that only works for veterans.

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high probability that any talking head opening their mouth are spewing complete nonsense

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I've heard this said before, and it's really true: public figures spewing any old nonsense without any evidence, but with complete confidence, and in the end you switch off, because noise/signal ratio is just too high

just did a total of 5 phone calls to Parcelforce to correct a mistake they were making, got as far as "we will call you back today" and counted it as a success 😭

@alsothings how do you cross-post from twitter? looking to bridge both more easily

recipes taking a lot of time/effort can have very different reward/time ratios, from "OMG I want to eat this every day" to "not worth all the faff". Let's see where this picalilli stands on the scale (3 weeks feedback cycle)

Great program on consent (part 1 is good too, but I thought this one is especially thought-provoking) bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06ktd0g

@pvaneynd there are a large number of open data sources, but when we start getting into deep learning you need a _lot_ of data to get reasonable results.
The example I have is a dataset of a few 1000s of data points that was painstakingly labeled by a few academics (and made available under certain conditions) - which is not enough to use deep learning.

As an average citizen, I don't have oceans of data to play with. Excited to find out about weak supervision as a means of getting larger labeled datasets.

@BranTarik just a question of getting hold of enough friends on here

micro blogging can be an enabler for laziness of thought imho.

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In my far and distant past when I was blogging properly, I often found that working a thought out in the details brought holes to light, or at least enriched the reasoning. Micro-blogging curtails that to some extent.

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Also reassessing the concept of micro-blogging in general - I would like to come back to long(er) form somehow.
I find that I've optimized my very thought for pithy or witty tweets, and lost something in the process ...

slightly opportunistic pendulum movement where I regularly come here from Twitter, post something, assess whether there is any life here yet, and then go back to Twitter. Someday, maybe.

Staying away for computers for a while: heartily recommended for the soul.

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