oranges are a drink that you eat, soup is a food that you drink


@seagazelle tell me everything that's going on with you if you want to/have time!!


@seagazelle I'm so glad you're well 💕💕💕 🌠


@seagazelle I'm gonna move back over here I think, I kept doing tarot and then I had several weeks off exercise BC of going to see my aunt and all that stuff but I went back on Monday and I wanted to tell you! and today I've been messing w makeup (see pic) and I also wanted to tell you, such a seagazelle week so far


@seagazelle hey bb I miss you and I am glad you are online! sorry I haven´t been on here in ages. are you okay? i need to go to bed in a minute!!!

SAD, recommendations pls 

@edknock @bb_almond I have a lumie and I love it, was £80 I think but my boss got it for me so I would be more productive lmao vile

@seagazelle He's good he was super well behaved in the car and the boat

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