Have you ever wondered how to undo an iCal import in Google Calendar? Well, I have, as I was just reorganizing my calendar. Here is the answer: blog.tomverhoeff.nl/2011/01/31

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength
- Leo Buscaglia

Every time I question this app among my privacy aware friends, they say I don't make sense. I'm happy to see I'm not alone.

Very long time no see... I've been busy during the past few months & I've been doubting wether or not I should continue using Mastodon or not.
- I haven't used it for such a long period of time so maybe I don't need it in my life. From a POV it's a no for sure.
- there's nobody I know who used it
- better alternative to fb as I don't put my "content" in the hands of a giant company making tons of money selling ads based on all my private data

Daar is Black Friday, daar is de zoveelste promotie. Maar de kortingen zijn niet altijd wat ze lijken demorgen.be/s/ax6d12df5/15U25j

Kijk naar prijzen, niet naar kortingen.
Niet alles is altijd wat het lijkt.

Thesis: a web of trust based social network wouldn't have a reliable "global" follower / like / etc count -- it would only be the ones you've seen -- and this would be a feature.

Some of the most toxic behavior on Twitter comes from people trying to become "the most popular person in the room", which also leads to a lot of social messaging which isn't about being constructive, but differentiating yourself in a way that makes you look better than others.

I'd like to float this idea to the fediverse:

"Follow back" is for spammers.

Even though it feels polite to reciprocate, following back is not "the polite thing to do." You're not a jerk if you don't.

Those who loudly insist on it are spammers, trying to exploit your sense of polite reciprocation to increase their "reach."

We should make their guilt-trip less effective by disclaiming the concept of follow-back.

Follow those whose toots you enjoy, without regard to whether they follow you.

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