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I did a Kim Daily themed Inktober that j couldnt finish but I still liked these guys

my tablet did die this month and I'm using my back up intuos which isn't horrible but my hand is just kinda... too big :')

been working on commissions non-stop and haven't been able to draw anything for myself for months but hopefully soon!

disappeared for stupid long time bc of stupid day jobs but I'm back and ready to take on comics again 🔥

finished working on one page and gonna move onto another... in the meantime, haveand old one of Rook and her strong gf!

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I know a lot of the new people are from Comics Twitter so if you want suggestions on instances for you lot: a community of artists, illustrators seem to be most prominent a community of scifi/fantasy fans, a lot of writers and book lovers community of writers general purpose instance with a good community instance by and for people of color, and also parody brands a lot of creative queer furries


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one of the many mini comic projects:

A family of Magicians are moving house and the Oldest catches the Youngest ditching chores

chill Bishop sketch that I wanna actually ink and color soon

I just realised you can pin multiple toots!

(hyperlinks can be taken off toots and I am Very Excited)

welp I realized I left some art toots locked, like a champ

masto on desktop works a little more smoothly than last time which is exciting!

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