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Knowing a pharmacist certainly has some benefits.

This toot brought to you by: Going through pantoprazol and paracetamol like crazy the past few weeks.

"Can't you just be homeless somewhere else, you're intruding on my commute to my tech startup where I build the next big Tinder clone"

<user> [The SF homeless problem] has absolutely nothing to do with cost of living



I have just witnessed a silicon valley techbro complain that public transport is *too cheap*

Maybe global warming flooding that whole area is a good thing

OOoh, I like this pinning UI. Nice work

What's the name for the rhetorical device of using a filename, or hypothetical filename, to stand for a bit of media? E.g., if I just typed


or, alternatively,


the meaning comes across through common (sub)cultural currency, without my actually including a picture or a sound.

If you go to school in Germany you spend like the last 5 years (of the maximum possible 12/13 years) of history class with the period from 1848-1945 (Plus a varying length segment on post war/cold war).

I wrote this a while ago, but it's still appropriate.

I hear a lot of people (mostly apologists) complaining about Nazi-punching on the grounds that non-Nazis might get punched too, that "the real Nazis died out in 1945", etc. This is concern trolling on its face, but let's talk about Naziism just for the record.

(The rest of this thread will be CWed.)

Ein netter Mensch drückte mir 50GB Filmsoundtracks in die Hand :3

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From -IRC:

<user> Hello, I'm new to programming
<user> Does Ruby only work in Japan?

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Panning shots of giant flying machines with trombone-heavy music

Oh, so my birthday present this year is the first episode of new Star Trek. Nice

Alle Menschen werden Brüder,
Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt ~


Is the English word for Rhabarber really "pie plant" or is my dictionary trolling me