Today is a testing day! Join the Ubuntu community at 18UTC in We'll be talking with the Lubuntu team.

This is in one hour.

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Call for testing: Darktable snap v2.2.4snap1: sudo snap install --candidate darktable-kyrofa

Leo Arias @elopio

ubuntu for musicians, video producers, photographers, painters... We talked with @eylul and Len Ovens:

Today is a testing day in the community! And we'll be talking with @eylul and Len Ovens in ~10 minutes, at

Read how they are working to make an uncensorable network:
You can help mirroring!

I've just released ipfs v0.4.9 to the stable channel in the store:
$ sudo snap install ipfs

In today's testing day, we'll be talking with Aaron Honeycutt about Kubuntu. We start in 10 minutes:

@jonathansampson at least I can now use brave in the phone. That part is working nicely :D

From @ogra's blog: Use UbuntuCore to create a WiFi AP with nextcloud support on a Pi3 in minutes

Checking the pop theme. Looking very good, thanks! Read how to get it here:

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