Trying, because today starts Ethereum week for me! It will be a long and crazy trip, 🚀 from Costa Rica to Prague.

I will be reviewing all the ZeppelinOS docs, to prepare for the release. If you had some pain points, noticed something missing, or were left with questions after reading them, please let me know. If you haven't read them yet, now is the time :)

Welcome to the two new members of the @ubuntu Membership Board: @diddledan and @Bashfulrobot!!! And thanks to the previous, renewed and remaining members:

We have received 5 nominations to join the @ubuntu Membership Board:
We'll start a short period of discussion about this, so feel free to send us your comments about the nominees.

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OpenZeppelin now has 150 code contributors! Thanks to all the people who have shared their time and knowledge in this community. We have a bunch of "good first issues" and we would love to help new people getting started in free software and ethereum:

Today is a testing day! Join the Ubuntu community at 18UTC in We'll be talking with the Lubuntu team.

This is in one hour.

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Call for testing: Darktable snap v2.2.4snap1: sudo snap install --candidate darktable-kyrofa

Leo Arias @elopio

ubuntu for musicians, video producers, photographers, painters... We talked with @eylul and Len Ovens:

Today is a testing day in the community! And we'll be talking with @eylul and Len Ovens in ~10 minutes, at

Read how they are working to make an uncensorable network:
You can help mirroring!

I've just released ipfs v0.4.9 to the stable channel in the store:
$ sudo snap install ipfs

In today's testing day, we'll be talking with Aaron Honeycutt about Kubuntu. We start in 10 minutes:

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