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Leo Arias @elopio

all hands on deck: help testing snapcraft 2.30

@timrowe @eylul Welcome to the free world! Keep us posted about your journey.

@timrowe @eylul Tell us more about your problems, what's wrong?

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Call for testing: Darktable snap v2.2.4snap1: sudo snap install --candidate darktable-kyrofa


Leo Arias @elopio

ubuntu for musicians, video producers, photographers, painters... We talked with @eylul and Len Ovens: bit.ly/ubuntustudio

Today is a testing day in the community! And we'll be talking with @eylul and Len Ovens in ~10 minutes, at ubuntuonair.com/

Read how they are working to make an uncensorable network: ipfs.io/blog/24-uncensorable-w
You can help mirroring!

I've just released ipfs v0.4.9 to the stable channel in the store:
$ sudo snap install ipfs

@LarreaMikel yes, the USB on my mx4 doesn't work anymore.

In today's testing day, we'll be talking with Aaron Honeycutt about Kubuntu. We start in 10 minutes: ubuntuonair.com/

@jonathansampson at least I can now use brave in the phone. That part is working nicely :D

Memento mori. And my dream of a free phone died with them. mastodon.social/media/efHvnjs0

Memento mori. And my dream of a free phone died with them. mastodon.social/media/g496tEjU

From @ogra's blog: Use UbuntuCore to create a WiFi AP with nextcloud support on a Pi3 in minutes bit.ly/wifi-ap

Checking the pop theme. Looking very good, thanks! Read how to get it here: blog.system76.com/post/1604455

call for testing: HashiCorp's vault v0.7.1, in the candidate channel of the store: bit.ly/vault-071

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The final part of the ROS prototype to production series has been published, where we put all the pieces together and create an Ubuntu Core image that is ready for the factory: goo.gl/M8O9Ba . Video version is here: youtu.be/NUackegFqWQ?list=PL1L