We have been keeping weather records at our house since 2006. Records to end of 2018 were collected by our Davis Pro Weather Station. Records since 1st January 2019 were collected by our Weatherflow Station.

The previous “high” was in July 2017 when we reached 41.7C. Today we have been closely watching the rise in temperature and late this afternoon we beat our record. Highest recorded temperature since 2006 is now officially 42.1C!


F-Droid is a free open source app store for Android devices which only includes privacy-friendly FOSS apps. You can follow at:

➡️ @fdroidorg

The F-Droid app store can be installed from the official site at f-droid.org

Google Play has been removing Fediverse apps recently, seemingly without explanation. It is really important that we have independent and accountable alternatives like F-Droid.

#FDroid #AppStores #Apps #FOSS #Android #Smartphones #Tablets #GooglePlay #Alternatives

@soudk Hi. If you still need the help setting up a Gemini server, Chris Were's video is a great thing to watch.

I think all of the concepts will work on Raspberry pi also. 💚


Keyoxide is a FOSS decentralised online identity platform, you can follow it at:

➡️ @keyoxide

The project website is at keyoxide.org

It helps you prove who you are across multiple sites without storing any personal data about you.

#KeyOxide #FOSS #FreeSoftware #Libre #OpenSource #Privacy #KeyBase #Alternatives

Here we go ! 🚀

Pollux.casa, your home in #Gemini constellation, is officially open !


You want to create a gemini capsule, but do not want to manage a server?

You're welcome !

pollux.casa proposes gemini capsules hosting (for free), accessible through sftp.

Just send me, in a private message, your desired pseudo and your ssh pub key.

Today's image from
showing the snow cover in the Sierra Nevada. You just can't see my house, its right at the bottom of the photo 😂

Google is limiting the capability of Chromium. Is it because Chromium-based browsers have started to eat into Google Chrome's marketshare? news.itsfoss.com/is-google-loc

Have you heard about - positioned in between and /#HTML? Interesting read: "Visiting another world" lwn.net/Articles/845446/

“Why I Still Use RSS - atthislink”


I use RSS _a lot_. Over 90% of the links I post (like this one) I find through my feed reader. Trying to keep up with web development or publishing using social media feels like a very addictive way to accomplish nothing.

Lagrange is the antidote to the over-complicated web. gmi.skyjake.fi/lagrange

#Gemini won't replace the web, and that's not the intention. But it is useful as a low maintenance document system with minimal attack surface. It might also be useful for educational purposes. Like the early web you could teach a class and have students build their own site within a short time.

Enjoyed setting up a Mastodon server this afternoon. Very easy using excellent documentation from @yunohost.

Quiet day today. Lovely weather and very unseasonal. My wife happens to be a big fan of orchids, so here's a photo of a giant orchid that I took on the dog walk this morning with the town of Lanjarón behind.

OK now I put the english version of my last #blog article also on #gemini - I think, this is a bit preach to the converted 🤷

🚀 gemini://tilde.pink/~kubikpixe

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