The dooooo
that final-
ly opens with
light floo-
ding in spil-
ling out on
the floor

Big "imperative is bad, object oriented is bad, references are bad" moods today

I don't want my clavier well tempered I want it medium rare

Sometimes lunch is just standing in front of the refridgerator eating kimchi out of the jar

We don't have children

We don't have a dog

We don't have cats

But we do have

A hundred cellar spiders

That make this house

A home ❤️

The usage of "should" in test assertions annoys the pedant in me to an unreasonable degree. You're making an assertion, the "should" is implied! It's just redundant!

Businesses, if you have hold music please make sure it's compressed enough so the silent parts don't sit beneath the volume threshold and get cut off, making it sound like they've picked up again.

Broke: using facial recognition ai to de-pixelate and identify people

Woke: using facial recognition ai to overlay randomly generated faces a la A Scanner Darkly

For my second batch of kombucha I did ginger-lime, 5-6 day 2F and got the tiniest bit of effervescence. Better than the first batch w/ just priming sugar. Still too sweet.

You could probably make mochi out of potatoes

Apparently music streaming platforms don't have album shuffle?

Nobody wants to talk about how most commercial root beers are just spearmint-vanilla-caramel sodas.

It feels redundant because we already have an oven and a toaster but I've been kind of obsessed with getting a toaster oven.

Made pickled fennel with ginger, serrano, garlic, buncha spices. Boy howdy they're tasty. The ginger really makes it special.

Sunflower butter is underappreciated. It's more earthy and complex than peanut butter but still satisfying in the same way

10 years ago I would expect lights to burn out in 5 months, today I'm calling in the warranty on some bulbs because they burned out within 5 years

Hot take? Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are vastly superior to regular

I love Plunge, but Fever Ray s/t is wholly unique and original in a way that Plunge can't approach

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