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Joachim Elsander @elsander

One of the highlights from yesterday's concert is Chris Martin made up a song to his Swedish fans in the middle of the terrible weather that almost canceled the whole show.

The show is more than an hour late, it's raining cats and dogs as they say. The band can't play until the weather gets better.

“The quality of your faith will be judged by the quality of justice in the land; and the quality of justice in the land will be judged by how the weakest and most vulnerable groups in society (‘widows, orphans, and strangers’) fared while you were alive.”
Ronald Rolheiser, Sacred Fire

Diary of an Old Soul, 24th of June
Love in the prime not yet I understand–
Scarce know the love that loveth at first hand:
Help me my selfishness to scatter and scout;
Blow on me till my love loves burningly;
Then the great love will burn the mean self out,
And I, in glorious simplicity,
Living by love, shall love unspeakably.

George MacDonald

Many Christians don't get this and it's a huge problem.

"Had Jesus succumbed to the temptation to violent revolution he would simply have become a Jewish version of Julius Caesar. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

@GinnyMcQueen Thank you! We hope so to, it's just the beginning of our vacation so stomachflu is nothing we need.