"For many Christians, hell is the dark family secret, the mad uncle confined overhead whom everyone knows not to mention. And yet, curiously enough, worse than calling the whole dreadful matter to mind is calling it into doubt."

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@elsander I punched ''David Bentley Hart' into Google and yup, he's right, there sure do seem to be a whole lot of Christian book reviewers who really, really do not like people messing with their eternal damnation.

something something cold dead hands

I mean it kind of is the theological handgun, so, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that the same people come out passionately in defense of both and with the same reasons, but, it's still a bit weird to REALLY LOVE damning people.

@elsander I find this article disturbing. Jesus spoke about Hell more than anyone else and it is the very reason He went to the cross--so that people didn't *have* to go there.

Yes, Jesus speaks of hell. But not in the same way as say a modern evangelist. Hell is the contrast to his kingdom. When he talks about gehenna (the dump outside of Jerusalem) as a varning. Your life can be wasted! But Jesus never used hell like "Where will you end up if you and your donkey is run over by a camel on your way home"

Look at the book of Acts and your never find a sermon about hell. They preach about Jesus as the risen king, they preach about judgement. I believe in judgement, universalism is not "an easy way out" it just means that in the end God will restore all of his creation. Your ego and the evilness on you will be burned away by the the flames of Gods love.

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