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Joachim Elsander

"There’s this idea that prophecy is, like, somehow, magically predicting the future. But if you look at stories about the prophets, that’s not what they do. Mostly, what prophets do is simply say what is actually happening and then say what the extremely obvious consequences of this will be."
Anonymous guy on the internet, but I agree 200%

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@elsander I respectfully disagree. Some, yes. But if you look at Biblical prophecy, there are some that are completely out of the blue or so far ahead of their fulfillment as to be completely not obvious.

@JonYoder Feel free to disagree! Yea but the way I was thought growing up was that that was the only kind. Now I tend to believe that the definition I posted is the most common (and the most challenging for us). But with the exception that yes, I would place the prophesy's pointing to Jesus in the category you point to.