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Joachim Elsander

"Many of us occasionally deceive ourselves that the course of history can be reversed. Christendom is quite gone, and the Christian culture of the West seems irrevocably destined for slow dissolution. The arts it inspired, the moral grammar it shaped, the shared stories and convictions by which it bound peoples together seem surely to belong to a constantly receding past"
David Bentley Hart

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@elsander Too bad about the art it destroyed, the shared stories of slavery, genocide and oppression it bound it's people's wrists together with...

It can't be gone fast enough.

@viomi Thanks for your respond! Christendom when merged with political power sure end up doing a lot of bad things. But there's another side to the story to. Wilberforce fought slavery based on his christian faith, Martin Luther King was driven by his faith. Mahatma Gandhi, even though himself a Hindu was driven by the words of Jesus in his non violence. As I see it, the problem is not Jesus but many times the people claiming to follow him. So I'm happy for Wilberforce, King and the likes.

@elsander Martin Luther King Jr. was also a homophobe who excluded LGBTQ people of color from his fight. Gandhi was not a follower of Jesus or Christianity, the followers of Christianity were those he was protesting and fighting against.

@viomi I didn't know that about King, but I am not surprised. Few people got everything right, the culture around them, the times they where living in etc, gave them blind spots. I still think we must try to see good they did despite there mistakes. I'm afraid its the same with us. We have blind spots as well. Maybe not you, but I sure fear it for myself.

@elsander I know I do. Thanks to Christianity's and more specifically Mormonism's cult mentality (them vs. us, if you don't join us you'll suffer forever, etc.), I grew up racist, homophobic, etc... I know I have blind spots I still have to work through. The important part is that I recognize them as mistakes and continue improving myself.

The issue with Christianity is that King said some of the most inspirational anti-oppression ever, but because he was stuck in Christianity's mentality, he oppressed ->

@elsander <- a huge part of the population which were going through a lot of the same things people of color were. Even he couldn't get past it because of how ingrained it is, and how it's seen as okay to take babies to church and brainwash them before they're old enough to even think for themselves.