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Joachim Elsander

A nice sunrise and all, but what's in the middle of the ? a zombie? A ghost? Or just an early runner?

The sound of a distant airplane always fills me with deep melancholy I have no clue why, it's been that way for as long as I can remember.

Today I visited Auschwitz for the first time. It shock me to the bones. Even though I knew, to see it all was overwhelming.

Today when we were harvesting potatoes I took this photo of my youngest.

Took a look in a drawer, found all these phones just laying there like old corpses. Once I invested money and time in them. Now there is no trace of any ghosts in those machines. They are up for recycling!

The view from our summer place. I'm standing there right now and taking this photo.

Jag har jobbat mina sista pass på Fondkistan, Borlänge. Till hösten blir det sjukhuskyrkan till 100% Är tacksam att jag under ett par år fått prova ett yrke jag verkligen kommit att respektera. Det finns bland begravningsentreprenörer en yrkesstolthet och en respekt för mänsklig värdighet även efter det att hjärtat slutat slå.

Har mött fantastiska människor som alla på olika sätt jobbar i dödens närhet på sjukhus och i olika kyrkor och kapell.

This one is from 2008, with Trump and all the support from evangelicals I'd call it prophetic...
An easy mistake to make.

Me preaching this Sunday out in the open outside our church. Found the photo in the local newspaper so I cut and paste and added a filter to improve on the bad resolution.