"Royal lunacy is traditionally a secret, but in Twitter-age America it’s a shared national experience. We are all somersaulting down and out the sanity chute. The astonishing thing about Trump is that he wasn’t foisted on us by a council of Bourbons, or by succession law. We elected the man, and are poised to do it again."


Me and my wife Emma, this summer we have been married for 25 years. We have 5 children and I still love her with all my heart. We have been together through thick and thin.

I'm sad that Marty Sampson never got the chance to process these questions. Every church work with them, and every pastor ought to struggle with them:

"How many preachers fall? Many. No one talks about it. How many miracles happen. Not many. No one talks about it. Why is the Bible full of contradictions? No one talks about it. How can God be love yet send four billion people to a place, all ‘coz they don’t believe? No one talks about it."


Sorry, just in Swedish.
OBS bara på svenska.

Det här är vårt första poddavsnitt någonsin. Det är Joachim Elsander och hans dotter Lydia som pratar om allt möjligt, vi satte oss helt enkelt ner i sommarstugan och spelade in för några veckor sedan. Betoningen kom att ligga på helande, sjukdom, prövningar och lovsång men annat kommer också upp. Vi var rätt spontana som ni kommer att höra.


"A truly profound atheist is someone who has taken the trouble to understand, in its most sophisticated forms, the belief he or she rejects, and to understand the consequences of that rejection. Among the New Atheists, there is no one of whom this can be said, and the movement as a whole has yet to produce a single book or essay that is anything more than an insipidly doctrinaire and appallingly ignorant diatribe."

David Bentley Hart


If you can handle the language I kind of like this approach to Christianity. I wouldn't have said everything like Pete and I don't agree 100% but still, I think this makes more sense then many traditional explanations.

God is not a man with a beard on a throne in the clouds | Pete Holmes


Today we went to an old mine just 30 min from our home. I very beautiful site!

This is just heart breaking...

"Both Ole and Pete says the work they do often falls flat - and not through a lack of effort at their end. They once helped a woman get her $1,000 donation back from a ministry, only for her to donate it all over again. "She called us afterwards, asking to get it back again," recalls Pete, saying they had to decline the second time. "My feeling is she was addicted. She just got hooked back on to the TV and believing what they said."


I found this interesting!

I Now Suspect the Vagus Nerve Is the Key to Well-being

“Stimulating” it leads to calmness, but how and why?


Ever since I got my cancer diagnosis I have been returning to this blessing by my favorite poet John O'Donohue.

An exclusive track of John O'Donohue reading his poem "A Blessing for a Friend on the Arrival of Illness" during his interview with Krista Tippett on October 1, 2007 in the studios of APM in St. Paul,


"Only near-sighted people can suppose that Christianity has seen its time. Christianity has only taken its first, I would say timid, steps in human history. To this day many of Christ’s words are incomprehensible because we are still moral and spiritual neanderthal men. The gospel arrow is aimed towards eternity, and that which we call Christian history is in many ways a series of clumsy and unsuccessful attempts to bring Christianity about."

— Father Alexander Men


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