to all game developers currently working on their ui: make your subtitles bigger. no, bigger. trust me, even bigger

@emaytch text size is usually hard to control for new developers because the libraries that control word-wrapping are usually absolute garbage on popular new developer focused tools and not very straightforward otherwise
also, bitmap fonts can't do that easily and they're much faster to render than truetype
for example, to render a big paragrph each frame, you have to truetype render it to a surface first (aka image buffer) and then render that each frame or your fps tanks

@emaytch and that's way out of the way for most new gamedevs
big indie studios have literally no excuse

@emaytch And don't forget the contrasting background so it can be read regardless of whats happening in-game!

@emaytch How about: "Let us choose our own DPI settings, so that we can adjust for real and or apparent screen size vs resolution and eyesight." I get relatively good eyesight, I usually use font sizes on my computer screens were people start complaining about not being able to read. But there's so many games in my library, which could be played on a console-ish setup on the living room TV, where the UI is just way too fucking small, not even talking about subtitles (for ants).

@emaytch mfw I see multiple accessibility options including CC and subtitle backgrounds

@emaytch One thing I really appreciate in Valve games is that they have full closed captioning, such as in Portal, [sentry alert] and [door closes], and I seem to recall the closed captioning is a little larger and has a darker background (mimicking TV closed captions).

Half Life spoilers 

Though, the closed captioning does occasionally contain easter eggs and spoilers. HL2 has a dramatic scene where you are on the run and the enemy's radio chatter is meant to get lost in the commotion to build an ambush, the closed captioning ruins it with [Police radio chatter].

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