i reiterate-- pirating anything owned by disney is a moral imperative
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In a blow to physical media, Disney has ceased 4K UHD production on catalog titles, including the Fox library: bit.ly/3isMC4i

am i really already a quarter of the way through this book???

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if you only use amazon to order things you're missing out on so much

here’s nothing particularly special about them. they’re not the prettiest or most well-made bracelets. but i made them and they suit me bc i made them to. idk it’s nice

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this sounds incredibly bad and stupid
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Thanks Patreon just fuck my income all the way up fam

anyway this is a very nice philosophy that i feel in my bones
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As a child, he wandered the streets of Hiroshima, and spoke of hearing the voices of ‘mangled streetcars, bicycles and other objects’, lamenting they could no longer be used. “Objects have their own world. Making an object means imbuing it with its own spirit.”

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uhhh wireless charging is immoral if its this inefficient??

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