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suddenly have an idea for the perfect crime
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Koala fingerprints are so similar to humans that even Crime Scene Investigators have been confused by them.

sisyphus just rly pissed rn
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Katamari Damacy only has support for closed, circular paths, so how do they handle things like the falling boulders which appear to despawn and respawn? The easy way!

on the one hand nobody mentioned this scumm game so its probably not very good...

on the other hand...

in case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, seattle’s police chief just praised a group of armed people blocking protestors from coming to her house outside the city limits, and asked for the council to make uhhh “large assemblies” illegal apparently
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This is something: Seattle’s police chief posts letter to City Council, calling on them to denounce protesters who showed up at her home in Snohomish Co. “My neighbo…

do you ever just think about, kaoru mori’s lovingly rendered patterns

i got a tiny computer so i could stream bluetooth audio to my speakers

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