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cop who said he'd shoot any protesters who came to his door has been charged with manslaughter after shooting another cop who knocked on his door

What Do You Mean I Have to Torture Everyone Who Didn't Bring Me Into Existence!?

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That Time I Died and Reincarnated as a Roko’s Basilisk

sorry, i know we're not supposed to remember anything older than like 3 months

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the new york times said it was literally your job to ratio their writers

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remember when the nyt got rid of its public editor specifically citing social media (and twitter) as already holding the role of keeping the paper accountable to the public? lol

decided to dl the king james bible to have as a reference text and the fact that the metadata lists one of the authors as 'god' lmao

anyway entirely possible this is completely paranoid and crazy! i sure hope so. hopefully someone else can articulate this better

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ive been conditioned to resist this idea bc it seems completely paranoid and crazy but like. the current situation in the US just feels like its getting worse and worse and there's no cavalry coming

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been having a hard time expressing this but i honestly think if you are a leftist with access to guns, transportation, and/or gun training, you should probably be organizing with ppl in your area with fewer resources rn
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Is it wrong I’m thinking of wanting a gun? My brothers are having a fit over this, giving me an awful time about it. I’m wanting it for safety reasons & for protection. Leftists have guns, they just …

lmao durkan touted meeting with a bunch of black community leaders and then when she actually had to name them half the groups said they werent invited but just showed up and made her meet them and listen i them

want to look good but also not spend more than 2 minutes max

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current makeup desire is for some kind of eye makeup i can just smear on furiosa style

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